Sunday, 19 February 2017

Nuttall is odds on to lose at Stoke

Nuttall  is s Liverpool scally who has now become a complete fantasist. The pity is UKIP could have won Stoke with any one of six local candidates but by choosing Nuttall they have handed the seat to Labour.

The strength of UKIP has always been its grass root members but its NEC/MEPs are a useless bunch there to take, like Farage, the EU's Euro. Anyone from outside the UKIP Nigel worshipping establishment has been systematically smeared and no platformed leaving just the sycophants to chose candidates from. hence Nuttall.

The only time Nuttall went to a fair vote of UKIP members in 2009 the NW members voted him into second place behind a man called Beman who was 'persuaded' tostand down leaving Nuttall inthe number one position on the NW UKIP slate. The true story of why Beman gave up a guaranteed one million Euros over 5 years has never emerged. Common sense dictates the persuasion must have been strong for him to give up a slot he had worked for years to attain.

In parliamentary elections people vote for a named candidate whose history they know. That is why Nuttall is unlikely to win. His master Farage failed seven times in parliamentary elections for the same reasons. As in the Book of Proverbs as a  dog returns to its vomit so UKIP returns to its folly.

Saturday, 18 February 2017

The House of Lords, Westminsters expensive care home

The HoL is full of geriatrics who love the sound of their own voice. The are a mixture of has beens and in John Le Carre's great phrase never wozzers especially the Lib Dems. They are unelectedd pumped up with their own importance wastes of space and have no place in a modern democracy. The old heriditarys at least had the interests of the country at heart whereas this lot of defunct Lib Dems care only about their political party and its crack pot ideas.

What to replace it with? I would go for an elected House like the US Senate with two members per English county plus four members for Wales and Northern Ireland and six for Scotland so roughly 84 members. No bishops or wise persons! It would have as now have no powers over money Bills and be subject to the Parliament Act to maintain the primacy of the Commons.

I felt sick at seeeing Shameless Chakrbati called Baroness last night on TV. Why are these useless twats paid £350 per day attendance allowance. Abolish it and do as Jesus said give the money to the poor., Bishops please note They add nothing to our democracy but illegitimacy..

If the political elite want to try and overturn the people's  Referendum then I can think of no softer target for us Brexiters to take on than the Blair, Clegg, Sturgeon triumirate. Detested by the vast majority of ordinary voters

Friday, 17 February 2017

Time for Blair to face war crime charges

It is unacceptable to see Anthony Blair given so much air time for a vacuous speech basically saying the British public are thick and did not undrstand the implications of Brexit. They did. Its Mr Blair that does not understand the meaning of democracy. A man is known by the company he keeps and Tony mixes exclusively with corupt blood soaked dictators from the third world. That is who he should preach to not the decent ordinary British voters who have now sussed Blair.

You can't fool all of the people all of the time Blair. The British publicknow for the political fraudster you are..

He richly desreves to be charged with war crimes over Iraq. That would keep him off the left wing TV for a while. Forever would be good for me.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

UKIP is likely to lose in Stoke

Nuttall is repeating Farage's Westminster election mistakes parachuted in to a constituency he has no connection with. Nuttall is not as bright or as able as Farage so he is likely to lose. Leaving aside the ex Tory  Carswell, Ukip's best performance in a by-election came in Eastleigh where closely local Diane James came from councillor to a narrow loss in a LibDEm now Tory seat . She looked the business Nuttall looks and sounds like the Scouse scally he is. He has a mountain to climb. His problems with his dodgy Hillsborough claims just makes it even more difficult. Nuttall is a fantasist.

Saturday, 11 February 2017

Paddy Ashdown is on manoeuvers

One of the advantages of living so close to Paddy is I know when he disappears from the village he is off to London to plot with the LibDems. He then pops up on national TV and expects us to treat him as an ordinary villager when he gets back. Extraordinary! I see, Olney, their newest MP is sent to Stoke to pursue the lost cause and give themedia a bit of sport.

The LibDems love plotting to try and keep us in  their beloved EU. They ought to be prosecuted under the Trades Description Act. They patently are not democrats as they try to ignore the result of our 23rd June referendum which Paddy said must be respected but that was when he thought Remain would win easily He has now been exposed as a hypocrite just as his pal Clegg was when he signed pledges in 2010 not to put up student fees and after the election joined. a government which did just that  That does not sound very liberal to me more like political expediency.

Paddy reminds me of the Scottish ballad:

The laird o' Cockpen, he's proud an' he's great, 
His mind is ta'en up wi' the  things o' the State; 
The LibDems are obviously short of talent that they have to wheel out Paddy to keep the spotlight ofF
 Farron et al. So expect more London media  LibDem sophistry in the Lords next week. I suggest May cuts their £300 per day
attendance allowance if they are naughty.
He may also be ski-ing during French school holidays.

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Some MPs think they are superior to us ordinary folk

That is the conclusion I come to after listening to some describing their actions as voting with their conscience.No, they are voting with their arrogance and conceit and boy do they love the sound of their own voices! They say brevity is the soul of wit. Meaningless posturing and long windedness is the sign of the half wit.. If this is what they mean when they talk of scrutiny, holding to account or any of the other meaningless phrases the Lib Dums etc mouth why don't we just get on with it. These people have nothing to say that adds one iota to our knowledge of Brexit.

Julian Lewis simply said the people have voted and that is how I will vote. Rees Mogg was almost as brief. Would we had more like them. What we seem to have is more from the Welsh windbag school of politics,more strident women from the Lib Dem school who talk endlessly and can't remember what they said last time on the same topic and a selection of juveniles who need educating.

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

What is the point of the LibDems?

The rank hypocrisy of this pigmy party is quite nauseating. They seem to think if they talk . long enough they can bore people to death .They get an inordinate amount of media time on the BBC to promulgate their incoherent views.It was good tosee one of the other MPs interrupting Clegg today to point out that he had promised the students he would oppose tuition fees and then 14 days later been part of a government that introduced student fees.

Today Ian Dale on his radio show  rightly shredded the LibDems latest  recruit the not very bright OLNey woman who was ranting on about T May visiting Erdogan in Turkey and did not understand when Mr Dale pointed out that  Clegg when deputy PM had done exactly the same thing. Following on Olney's shafting by Hartley Olney is the answer to every political journos prayer. I hate to think what A Neil would do to her.

It was good to watch parliament today debate the second reading of the Referendum bill. There were some excellent speeches from Kate Hoey, Gisela Stuart and Olly Letwin. Despite being allowed to speak for five times longer than anyone else Ken Clarke seems to realise that the EU is now a lost cause.

I live in hope this will end well.

Michaell Gove sums it up: