Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Farage the cult leader

I have written from time to time on the above but I was surprised to read Richard North, writing in the same vein. Click on link to read.
Richard in his opening paragraph links to another blog on the same subject, " I was minded to develop the post by the Compleat Bastard, as he raises some interesting points about Ukip that are not being properly explored elsewhere. " Again click the link to read.

Richard writes, "Where much of the commentary goes wrong, though, is in the assumption that Ukip is a political party in the conventional sense, and can thus be assumed to be structured and behave in the same way as any other party. This is where piece citing Rob Ford, profiled by Bastard, goes wrong."

I do agree. As I have often written UKIP is a Farage gang cult not a political party and should theefore be analysed by gang experts ie psycologists, not political scientists.

Richard sums it up thus. " Actually, it is the shambling oaf Godfrey Bloom who has at least the advantage of having known Farage personally, and thus gets closer to the reality than Ford, the "political scientist". "Unlike his public persona", Bloom says, "he is very impressionable, defensive about his lack of traditional education and, believe it or not, racked with self doubt. I think this accounts for his reluctance to surround himself with alpha males".

And then in a diagnosis that I recognise as very close to the truth, he says: "There are no alpha males left in Ukip, Nigel has expunged all the alpha males. they're all beta, some of them very charming, but they are beta males, Nigel is very uncomfortable with any who  can take the spotlight or even the intellectual or moral high ground".

I applies also to females. Hence the able and charming Ms James who almost won at Eastleigh is given a much lower profile than Suzanne Evans of the fixed inane grin. If Ms James had won at Eastleigh she would by now be UKIP's leader. She is a threat to Nigel. Ms Evans is not.

As one like Richard North  who also has had the dubious privelege of knowing Farage personally I concur with his views on NF. Richard sums it up below.
"Ukip as an organisation has never acquired the intellectual core that turns it into a properly-founded political party which transcends its founders. Whatever founding principles it might have had when Sked started the party have long gone, and there has been nothing to replace them." Alan Sked is a big brain European historian almost in the same league as Niall Ferguson. Farage likes to wander round WW I battlefields like a tourist. 

The Complete Bastard, a phrase used to describe me by one Matthew Hancock, when we both worked for the Bank of England, has some pithy remarks
"As Bongo Bloom remarks "There is a whole mafioso at Brooks Mews [Ukip's HQ in Mayfair, London] who are personally beholden to Nigel for their salary as are most Ukip MEPs" - and that's how he keeps a lid on it. Without that, it would be a squirming bag of competing egos that would have fallen out years ago." Exactly! They are mercenaries whose loyalty to UKIP extends only to their next EU funded pay check.

 "Lunchtime O'Flynn warning that the party is troubled by "out of countrol egos", as if we didn't know that - while he attempts to put clear blue water between himself and Dougie, and Carswell, not to be outdone makes his pitch in the Times, while remembering to cover his own posterior."

The effect of this stuff is cumulative but what happens when Farage goes?

As CB says UKIP has no party machine, it has no founding ideas and it doesn't really know what it wants. Better to read it like a playground gang than a political party. Believing it will act like a political party is the mistake which prompts people to believe it has a future. It doesn't. 

When Farage goes by whatever means UKIP will implode.  It will quickly deteriorate into gang warfare, as rival factions make their bid for the spoils ie the MEP slots at 1 million Euros each. It will be like the Godfather.

As for Farage, I dealt with him post UKIP in an earlier blog. He will be safely ensconced on the red leather of the HoL . Some day some TV person will make a movie about him and he will become a national treasure.

Monday, 26 January 2015

UKIP's Amjad Bashir is a stranger to the truth says Galloway

Farage sure knows how to pick them. His clains he has professionalise UKIP and yet it ends up uncritically swallowing a fantasists claims.

Its all in the Guido Fawkes blog from which I quote below :


JANUARY 25TH, 2015

Amjad Bashir Accused of Lying Over Respect Party Links
+ Told Tories He Has ‘Never Had Anything to Do With Them’
+ Respect: Application Form and 5 Witnesses Prove He is Lying
+ Also Claimed He Was a Labour Member in 80s 

Amjad Bashir has been accused of lying about his links to the Respect Party after evidence emerged tonight apparently disproving his claims to have never had anything to do with the party. Earlier today, George Gallowayaccused Bashir of being a member of Respect in 2012, claiming he was deselected as a council candidate for the party in Bradford. This allegation was denied by Bashir in a conversation with Tory party officials this afternoon, where he “denied he’s ever had anything to do with Respect… Amjad denies it”. Yet tonight the Respect Party claims to have unearthed an application form filled in by Bashir to join the party. In a statement to Guido, Respect alleges:
The UKIP MEP who jumped from Nigel Farage’s party to join the Conservatives is revealed as a liar about his political past.
Amjad Bashir denies that he has ever had anything to do with the Respect party but an application form he filled in and is still held by the party proves that isn’t the case. The new Conservative MEP gives his date of birth on the form as September 17, 1952. But he also claims on the form that in the 1970s and 1980s he was a Labour party member and helped the then Bradford West MP Marsha Singh (now deceased). He also claims to have been heavily involved, and led a membership drive in Bradford, for Imran Khan’s Pakistan party the PTI (Party of Justice).
For Labour Bashir claims: “I attended ward and regional meetings, I carried out door to door canvassing on election days…I also carried out telephone campaigns.”
Respect’s Bradford West MP George Galloway hit out: “Not only has this man not got a shred of principle, his acquaintance with the truth is distant to say the least. He joined Respect, now he’s lying about it. I don’t know if what he is saying about Labour and the PTI is correct but his denial that he joined Respect, was selected as a candidate and then de-selected, is a shameful and damning untruth. If the Tories are prepared to embrace this man then I think it says even more about them than it does him.”
Galloway would not reveal why the party had decided to drop Bashir. “But probably for the first time ever I have to agree with Nigel Farage that there are grave concerns about things in this guy’s past.”
He added that not only was the application form in the party’s hands but at least five witnesses, who were part of his interview panel, were prepared to confirm that he had joined the party and then been sacked as a council candidate for Bradford Moor.

This supports my long held view that Farage is a poor judge of people. Its not the first time he  has been sucked  into parachuting undesirables carpet baggers who have no real loyalty to UKIP onto MEPP lists, Tories Andreasen & Bannerman last time.  Once they are MEPs they cannot be removed. Who next this time?

Farage is poorly read. Its all in Machiavelli's book , "The Prince" written over 500 years ago. Machiavelli points out that mercenaries cannot be relied on and that a Prince should rely on his own loyal people, Farage has filled UKIP up at the top with dubious  ex-Tory mercenaries who have no loyalty to UKIP and are only there to take the MEP's EU Euro. Worse he has smeared and chucked out and proscribed many UKIP loyalists who have worked hard over many years to put UKIP where it now is. I attended many UKIP meetings in 2007/8 where Farage's apparatchik the late Malcolm Wood went round with a bucket at the end collecting money from the almost entirely OAP audience. These were the same people that went out week in week over the Winter months weather to deliver UKIP leaflets something Farage's fair weather new found Tory friends will never do.

Farage wants  a seat in the House of Lords above all else. Once that is delivered by Cameron  Nigel will depart to his real party the pan European one based in and payed for by Brusssels. You will only see him on the occasional chat show.

PS Another George Galloway quote:

“Clearly Bashir does not have any real political principles or commitment, only naked opportunism and self-interest. He represents the revolving door principle in politics. The Tories are welcome to him because he will cause them embarrassment. Fortunately Respect was able to act before he did it to us.”

He is typical of the unprincipled carpetbaggers that have been ushered to the top table by Maitre D' Nigel Farage 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Bashir, Richardson & Nuttall, 3 electoral liabilities

And the biggest liability is Nuttall/Farage. What Richardson said about bigots was unwise but won't do any lasting damage. Bashir, another Farage Tory protege like Bannerman and Andreasen can be disowned, especially if the there is evidence of his Islamic extremist sympathies. But Nuttall has challenged the NHS a sure fire vote loser. Its a political No No to hint at privatising the NHS in any way. This will cost UKIP a million votes come May by the time LibLabCon have their say. As one of Andrew Neil's guests said UKIP is drowning in its own contradictions.

Lord Carlile made the most telling comment. UKIP have no one at any level who knows how government works. I do, but the Cabal got rid of me off the NEC 6 years ago so the idiots could flourish in their uninformed ignorance.

Sunday, 18 January 2015

Why Farage will lose in Thanet

Nigel Farage thrives in the murky waters of the EU in Brussels. There he is free from the prying eyes of the UK press and surrounded by his paid sycophant placemen. His electoral success has come from his position as lead UKIP candidate  in the SE region where his many shortcomings are hidden by the cloak of UKIP. No one voted for Farage in the Europeans, they voted fror UKIP. Farage has exploited this to feather his nest and build up his media presence appearing more often than anyone on QT etc as the BBC's housetrained Euroseptic.  UKIP's success in the Europeans is mainly down to the EU's incompetence. The EU manages to antagonise the UK elecortate with its silly policies and hated bureacracy and is without doubt the main reason for UKIP's rise in the polls.

In elections where Nigel Farage's name appears on the ballot paper as a candidate he has been a very expensive failure spending huge amounts of money on his personal campaign to finish most recently a poor third behind an Independent and Bercow in Bucks on 17th May 2010 saying he had underestimated Bercow's popularity. More accurate would be  to say he had vastly underestimated his own popularity. Like the fading Hollwood star he had believed his own publicity too much a belief fanned by his many sycophants.

Wikepedia reports his lack of success in first past the post UK elections thus

"Westminster elections

Farage had unsuccessfully contested British parliamentary elections for UKIP five times, both before and after his election as an MEP in 1999. Under the 2002 European Union decision to forbid MEPs from holding a dual mandate, if he were to be elected to the House of Commons, he would have to resign his seat as MEP.
When he contested the Bromley & Chislehurst constituency in a May 2006 by-election, following the death of Eurosceptic Conservative MP Eric Forth, Farage came third, winning 8% of the vote, beating the Labour Party candidate. This was the second-best by-election result recorded by UKIP out of 25 results, and the first time since the Liverpool Walton by-election in 1991 that a party in government had been pushed into fourth place in a parliamentary by-election on mainland Britain."

He has been a 5 time loser and I opine Thanet will be number 6. He declined to stand in the Eastleigh by-election of 2013 following the conviction of the sitting Lib Dem Huhne. His pleaded overwork. The local party selected Diane James as candidate whose campaign was nothing like as well funded as Farage's failures but she came within 4% of winning the seat. Better organisation of the postal vote would have won the seat for her and UKIP. UKIP under Farage has been poorly managed. Nigel does not do detail. He is a poor electoral organiser and worse so are his placemen who must be careful not to outshine the cult leader under pain of sacking.
There have been people in UKIP who have in the hard years won fptp elections, Alan Wood in the South West  for one and more recently Chris Pain in the East Midlands. Where are these former able activists and others like Del Young & Robin Page now. Expelled from the party on trumped up charges and placed like me on the UKIP proscribed list by Comrade Nuttall and his side kick Crowther. Alan Wood and I in 2008 supported by Trevor Colman organised a nationwide poll against the Lisbon Treaty. Farage could not be bothered and his henchman Clarke UKIP MEP when I challeged him said he was to busy with his EU committee work, ie supporting the EU, to do as all our branch members had done and submit evidence to the Lords select committee scrutinisng the Treaty.
I and the others I mention want to work to get us out of the EU but as we are now proscibed by UKIP where do we go? I have no choice but to support an anti EU party like Alan Sked's New Deal or Al Murray's Free UK party. I am not alone . Farage's vindictive behaviour has created many enemies for UKIP who will come back to haunt Farage.
The bottom line is that in a fptp election Farage is a UKIP liability.Women voters don't like him especially wearing his Arthur Daley velvet collared spiv overcoat. I am sure UKIP's many expensive focus groups would tell UKIP that if asked but it is the question that sycophant dare ask for fear of losing their place on the UKIP gravy train. Farage cannot win in South Thanet especially now Al Murray is on the scene to out Farage Nigel. The question, is Farage a certain loser in South Thanet is the question that  dare not speak its name on UKIP's NEC..

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Who is trying to spoil UKIP's election effort in Thanet?

Well a number of people are. First came Al Murray's Free United Kingdom party. FUKP but now I hear  Free the UK party and Independence from Europe party are putting up candidates against Farage. This has been deemed a 'spoiler' tactic by the Faragistas. The phrase hoist by their own petard springs to mind. What did they expect? They have done it to many others and now its their turn.

If you want to experience the full grief and righteous indignation only a true Farage sycophant can articulate click below:

Be warned there is currently 18 pages of codswallop there. Faragistas love the sound of their own voice every bit as much as the Islam apologists the BBC give so much air time to.

The Thanet declaration might take quite some time for the returning officer to read out on 8th May.

I hope it will be a hardfought contest with he who bullshits best winning.

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Al Murray the Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP) candidate in South Thannet

This sounds like bad news for Nigel Farage. I like Murray's party's name and upside down pound sign logo in UKIP colours. He is much better educated than Farage, Bedford School, alma mater of Paddy Pantsdown and Al Cook England's cricket captain. Murray then went on to do a degree in Modern History at Teddy Hall, Oxford. That puts him, intellectually into the premier league unlike Pantsdown and Cook and miles ahead of NF. Farage's knowledge of history is populist, shallow  and patchy.

He even does the pub thing better than Farage so he will defintely split Farage's pub vote and is much better placed to reap the anti-politician vote given Farage has been on the EU payroll as a career politician for many years. As an entertaining inteligent cove well connected with the media he will get a huge amount of coverage from the Oxbridge  dominated TV/radio media. Thus On 1 January 2013 Murray was guest editor of Today on Radio 4. He has also made a setious TV documentary on German culture and written a funny book on pub culture.

In many ways his CV looks a bit like UKIP's O'Flynn and its all in the public domain and verifiable unlike NF whose claimed City career  is a bit obscure and not easy to verify. In short if you were on a candidate selection committee you might see Murray as a potentially better candidate than NF. Will the great Brirish public agree? Its not out of the question given Al's pals in the media. Pip pip.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Our craven, sordid media

It has long been a British right to publish satirical cartoons about any person, dead or alive or any organisation. Premeditated murder has always been a capital crime in the UK without exceptions like crime pationelle that operates in many countries in Europe. It is sickening to see our media, led by the cowardly BBC refusing to publish copies of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons as they "Are offensive to Muslims". Many Muslim views are offensive to me but I do not reach for a gun and start shooting Muslims. French people died at Muslim hands that these cartoons be published.

We are on a slippery slope of appeasement as we were in the late 30s with the Nazis. They too held crazy views and were not susceptible to rational argument. Appeasing Muslim perceived offence or anger will simply lead to increasing demands as it did with the IRA as Blair testified to this week and as it did wih Hitler.

Suppression of information also happened in the UK in 1936 during the abdication crisis when the media and BBC did not publish what was freely printed in the USA and Europe. How craven was that?

The Australian PM put it thus, "If Muslims do not like our way of life they are perfectly free to leave." Unlike in some Muslim countries where a wife of a Muslim cannot leave the country without her husband's written permission irrespective of being a first, second, third or fourth wife.

The BBC journalists never tire of telling us how wonderful and brave they are. Its now time for them to show real guts and put their heads above the parapet and back up their pompous claims.


Sky have also joined the don't offend Muslims brigade. The French Journalist Caroline Fourest rightly accused our UK lick spittle of betraying French and other jornalists. Click below to see this disgraceful episode. It makes me ashamed of how low our country has sunk led by our hypocritical journalists.

Thats the power of editorial control, we only are allowed to see what our betters in the media want us to see. So much for freedom of information.