Sunday, 19 April 2015

Farage solid on today's Sunday Politics

Farage gave a good solid performance in today's Andrew Neil interview. Neil tried him out on a variety of topics including Farage standing by his commitment to stand down as leader if he does not win Thanet. As NF said there will be a big change in party leaders post election. There will only be one winner and the rest losers.

Farage made an excellent point that the drowning of refugees in the Med did not happen under Gadaffi and we are responsible along with Sarkozy for toppling Gadaffi. The same can be said in spades about Iraq and Saddam.

Most interesting was Farage's clear offer of UK refugee status to Middle East Christians who are clearly now being persecuted ad killed by the Moslems. It was good to see a UK politician not pandering to the Islamic vote. Our churchmen and judiciary should take a leaf out of Farage's book. Allowing Islamic women to wear veils in court that only expose their eye slit is discriminatory and perverts jusrice which must be seen to be done.

Friday, 17 April 2015

BBC Challengers debate farce - Farage was right!

There are many ways to rig a sample and the BBC knows them all. Even if last night's audience was a proper stratified random sample which i doubt, the questions to call was an editorial decision in the hands of the BBC.It called three women two very young, one of which was coloured plus a coloured man and one white middle aged man was patently not a representative cross section of the UK public. Farage was right to complain but this was a thought out decision by Nigel. He wants to be seen as the scourge of the politically correct, wimmin, brigade and burnish his common sense bloke in the pub image. It worked and will help secure UKIP's core vote.

Nicola Sturgeon again won the debate hands down, You can disagree with her policies but you cannot dispute her abilities and integrity, things lacking in most politicians.

The most interesting analysis came from the very clever Portillo in A Neil's programme. Portillo rightly pointed out that only Farage directly answered the black man's question on the effect of immigration on our services and that only Farage mentioned the huge build up of the National Debt to 1.3 trillion, a burden on future generations. As an aside note that it was only in the last few months UK debt incurred during the Napoleonic Wars was finally paid of!

It was therefore depressing to find 4 of the 5 speakers promising yet more debt funded public spending eupemistically called 'investment' by the Welsh lady. Its consumption pure and simple to be paid for by future generations.

UKIP's manifesto has stood up to scrutiny and was the only one to offer deailed policies to reduce the deficit and start on debt reduction. The armed forces commitments were also excellent.

I have criticised Ms Evans as a poor TV performer but she deserves credit for this manifesto although I think O'Flynn probably had a big input as well.

UKIP's difficulty is the others are competing in an auction of  give away promises to the electorate who will be conned after the election jus as Clegg shafted the students in 2010. UKIP will lose out in this silly bidding war but that's how politics works. There is a saying in the commodity markets where Farage claimed he made a mint. Sell 'em what they want and ship 'em what you have got. That's what is happening Nige!

The Spectator has another slant on audience bias which is worth reading

PS Also this one praising Farage

Thursday, 16 April 2015

How the establishment hypocrits protect their own and are shafting UKIP

The announcement not to prosecute leading British Jew Lord Janner for allegations of child sex abuse beggars belief. There seems to have been adequate evidence to put before a jury but the DPP decided in view of Janner's poor health that a trial would not be in the public interest. This is the get out of gaol free card available to the establishment but not to ordinary citizens who have to abide by the rule of law. We should learn from the US where a grand jury of ordinary citizens, not lawyers, decide in open court if there is a case to answer. Here in the UK there is one law for the rich and influential members of the establishment and another for the poor plebs. Rich Jews are also not slow to play the snti Sermitic card when they are in trouble. As Marlon Brando once remarked there are never films made about nasty Jews as they run Hollywood.

Fuller details at

The whole thing becomes even more sickening  when in 1999 this same man Janner was demanding a German nursing home resident in LeicestershireAustralia, should be deported and prosecuted for alleged war crimes.

As Guido puts it,

So Janner says you can prosecute of deport elderly wrong ‘uns, but not investigate the claims of his paedophilia because his memory is a bit hazy…

One law for the establishment and another for us.

There is a wider point. Rich Jews have wormed there way into the heart if the British establishment to secure exemptions and priveleges for Jews. This is now coming back to haunt us with Islamics now demanding these same exemptions for themselves. Worse the whole Middle East mess can be traced back to the Balfour Zionist declaration that the Jews must have a homeland. The trouble was there were people, the Palestinians liviing there already so the Jews are now having to indulge in the same ethnic cleansing that they never let us forget happened to them. Hypocrisy!

Then there is white van Labour MP, Thornberry, criticising Dave selling of social housing to its occupants while she buys up top end social housing costing one million in Islington to rent out.

That's the message for us.

A comment on Guido sums it all up

"For anyone who was late arriving, here's the summary of the benefits of being a politician:
Commit murder and get away with it
R@pe children and get away with it
Steal and get away with it
Start illegal wars and get away with it
Abuse an expenses system and get away with it"
Charles Manson, Peter Sutcliffe, Ian Brady, Myra Hindley, Fred and Rose West, Jeffrey Dahmer, Rolf Harris, Stuart Hall, Gary Glitter and all the other serial killers and nonces went about it the wrong way. If they'd just entered politics, they'd be free as a bird now

And they all look innocent and wonder why they are despised by the 'hard working families' They all claim to represent. Hold on, they can't all represent this group. Who will stand up for the idle benefits claimants?

Finally the way they are handling UKIP is pure establishment.  Farage is a performing monkey so how do you handle him. Simples you control the media like the Jews control Hollywood so deny Nigel an audience and let him wither on the vine. A performing monkey or film star  is nothing without an audience.

Nick Wood sums it up brilliantly ,

and its working! UKIP are steadily dropping off the publics radar. It will need a huge impact event to reverse this trend. The pity is the UKIP manifesto is not bad but its too little too late and its diminishing returns on expenses scandals etc. Time for UKIP to come up with something really good but what?

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Patrick O'Flynn should lead UKIP

Just back from France but while there I saw Patrick O'Flynn give an excellent performance on the Daily Politics. He is clever articulate and was able to demolish the CND lobby by pointing out what is happening to the Ukraine who recently gave up their nuclear weapons. Diane James was also very good when I saw her. They, along with Carswell are UKIP's future.

UKIP cannot win with Farage as over half the voters, the women, simply don't like him. Worse he appoints political imbeciles like Suzanne Evans and Steve Crowther to key party roles and has old guard dead wood like Seymour & Nuttall to carry.

Farage will not win Thannet and if UKIP end up with 3 MPs they will be doing  well! Its pathetic when another nationalist party, the SNP is expected to win 40+seats. |Farage won't get us out of the EU. After 7th May things have to change and the UKIP faithful have to say bye bye to Farage and his bunch of incompetents and back O'Flynn, James and Carswell.

Monday, 6 April 2015

Nicola Sturgeon smear

This originated from the Westminster public school spad  political elite. They will now do anything to discredit the SNP, a legitimate democratic party with perfectly legitimate aims of an independent Scotland. It will rebound on these public school tossers. Nicola is an able woman from a poor background telling the truth and the UK public recognise that. It is why many English voters have been asking how they can vote for her. I don't recollect the political elite telling the IRA they wer attempting to break up our country. It was only after the IRA killed a few in London including in the Palace of Westminster plus of course nearly killing the PM in Brighton that the posh boys decide to make a load of concessions. I do hope the SNP can achieve its aims by democratic means.

How did this internal memo get passed to the Torygraph a public school dominated paper? Why was no fact checking done to verify the document which now looks like a pack of lies written by some anti SNP civil servant in Edinburgh and disseminated in London.

I have no great hopes of the leak inquiry finding the culprit. They never do, but it shows how far the establishment will go to safeguard its power and priveleges. The SNP never take knighthoods or lordships unlike the Anglican elite from Generals to Lib Dems,  nonentities all.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Nicola Sturgeon performs best in leader's debate

I have opined earlier that i expected Nicola to shine in th leader's debate and last night I was not disappointed. She was outstanding and took a line close to my earlier blog,;postID=2240309058485300713;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=7;src=postname

But what of the perspiring Farage. His sweaty appearance reminded me of Richard Nixon's in his 1960 presidential election debate with Jack Kennedy. Its worthwhile looking at this debate to see how juvenile our boy Spad politicians are.

Farage did OK. It was supposed to be his big night but he did not put the ball in the net. He is fortunate he will have another chance in two weels on the Beeb. His winning point is how similar LibLabCon are. I would have gone further and said that if you re-elect LibLabCon they will not change our broken political system. Why would they? It suits them very well with its yah boo In the Thick of It spad politics. I would suggest Farage argues for a reduction in the House of Commons to around 400 and a 4 year fixed term plus an elected House of Lords with 100 members approx elected 2 per county for a fixed non renewable term of 6 years with staggered elections every 2 years. That would rid us of the 800 plus broken down party hacks calling themselves Lords who have no democratic legitimacy and love the sound of their own voices.

He could go further in restoring power to the people by seperating the legislative functions of the Commons from the administrative function with ministers no longer having to be MPs but having to appear monthly before the appropriate select committee. MPs would become citizen legislators as they are in some Swiss cantons. Our MPs are only there Monday afternoon to Thursday morning so why not formally recognise this under employment. Finally build a hostel for them to stay in if the wish and abolish property allowances etc.

Show UKIP will radically change our broken system and Farage does not want a seat in the Lords.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Diane James is UKIP's real star

Diane James came desperately close to wining an MP seat at Eastleigh last year. My esteemed neighbour Paddy Ashdown opined that if the campaign had been one week longer she would have won. To see how good she is watch how she handles a BBC selecred hostile audienc plus two biase BBC moderators. Click on link below to watch her superb performance.

Farage clearly perceives Mrs James as a threat to his UKIP supremacy hence Mrs James was dispatched to the unwinnable seat of North West Hants with Eastleigh awarded to one Patricia Culligan. Who I hear you ask. Well the story is laid out in the local rag, the Eastleigh News. I quote a chunk from their piece below,

Last week the businesswoman and mum of three was selected by Eastleigh Ukip members to go one better than Diane James in the 2013 by-election when Ukip came a close second.
At the time James said she would be back to contest Eastleigh in the 2015 General Election so it was a surprise when she withdrew from the selection process.
James,who is now also a South East Regional MEP and the Ukip Home affairs spokesman, released a public statement saying
“There are some extremely strong candidates locally, who have a far better claim to represent the people of Eastleigh than I do.”
But in the event Eastleigh’s Ukip’rs chose Culligan, another Surrey resident, over Fair Oak county councilor and local man Martin Lyons.
Mrs. Culligan told me “I don’t want to people to think I’m some rich bitch from Surrey who has been parachuted in” and was anxious to stress that although she didn’t actually live in the area she was still close – five minutes from the Hampshire border -and she had good local business connections having previously worked here.
A Redhill postcode didn’t seem to dent her predecessor’s prospects at all and in any case Culligan said she also had experience of Crewe – which is also a former railway town.
“But Eastleigh is nicer… I’m so looking forward to moving here.”
Earlier in the year Nigel Farage had also been mooted as a potential candidate for Eastleigh after he hinted he was looking at a seat in Hampshire, as was Ray Finch who was previously the candidate here in 2010 and is now an MEP and County councilor.
Culligan strongly denied that the withdrawal of Ukip ‘big hitters’ meant that Ukip thought that this a ‘target seat’ they could no longer win following their failure to take any of the council’s wards from the Lib Dems in last May’s local elections.
Culligan said that Farage was always going to stand in Thanet and said she was serious about winning Eastleigh.
As she is sixth on the Ukip MEP list, if Farage wins a seat in in the General Election along with Janice Atkinson, Diane James or Ray Finch they would have to resign from the EU Parliament and Culligan would become a South East MEP by default (a situation she describes as ‘a win-win for Eastleigh’ ) but she said she is not prepared to simply sit and wait for that to happen – she is, she says, determined to represent Eastleigh at Westminster.

So Mrs James wanted to fight Eastleigh but was blocked. Who by? Obviously Farage, who would be rapidly deposed as leader if Mrs James was an MP and he was not. Hence La Culligan is selected for the very  winnable Eatleigh and Diane James for an unwinnable seat. Threat to Farage removed plus of course La Cullligan is unlikey to win Eastleigh but if others in the South East won as MPs then Ms Culligan would move into an MEP slot. Farage must be very sure of Ms Culligan's devotion to his cult!
Devotion to Farage has always been the main criteria in UKIP party nominations. Talent is secondary hence Ms James is frozen out. Such a pity Ms Atkinson, another Farage favourite blotted her copybook and had to be deselected as PPC candidate for Dover, She may even be kicked out of UKIP.