Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Who enforces Cameron's opt out, Adolf Hitler?

I went on Google and found this re UK Sovereignty post Cameron's pretend renegotiation


  • The letter recognises that the UK "is not committed to further political integration into the European Union"
  • A "red card" system will allow the House of Commons to band together with like-minded EU parliaments and block unwanted Brussels legislation

This is a to whom it may concern letter from Donald Tusk a very well paid  EU Polish appartachik. It is not a Treaty change or even a proposal for such. It is as worthless as Neville Chamberlain's, "Peace in our time" bit of paper was in 1938. Somebody should remind Mr Tusk that it was the UK who guaranteed his countries sovereignty and fought for it. Who guarantees his letter? Adolf Hitler seems to be flavour of the month amongst the newt lovers but he forgot  his promise the following year just as the EU will forget its promises to Cameron after the UK votes to Remain in the EU.

French President Francois Hollande said on Tuesday that he was opposed at this stage to concluding the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) between the European Union and the United States.
"As things stand in the international trade negotiations, the French position is 'no'," Hollande said in a speech in Paris.
Earlier on Tuesday French Trade Minister Matthias Fekl said a halt to the trade talks was now likely. France has been particularly vocal about what it sees as a lack of movement on the U.S. side
US billionaire, Buffet is eager for us to stay in the EU to boost his profits.

Time to wise up Brits these guys are saying what is good for themselves, they don't give a toss for ordinary working Brits only their bottom line matters.

Best read an excellent piece by Nigel Lawson in today's Telegraph entitled "The EU only exists to create a superstate. We have no part in it."

The nature of the superstate was exposed today by Herr Juncker. The Telegraph reports,

Whilst the Turks continue to squeeze the Euros out of the EU for migrant blood money. Below us from Reuters

Turkey to abolish visas for EU states including Cyprus under migrant deal

Turkey has agreed to abolish visa restrictions for all European Union citizens, including Greek Cypriots, passing one of the last remaining hurdles for it to secure visa-free access to Europe for its own nationals.
The Turkish cabinet late on Monday approved waiving visas for visitors from all 28 EU member states once Europe relaxes its own visa requirements for Turks, according to a decision published in the country's Official Gazette.
Although the visa waiver will apply to Greek Cypriots, a Turkish official told Reuters it did not amount to Turkish recognition of Cyprus.
Liberalising visa rules for Turkey, a Muslim country of 79 million people, is a contentious issue among EU states, but Brussels is pushing ahead to keep a migration accord in place that should help ease Europe's worst migration crisis since World War Two.
The European Commission is expected to declare on Wednesday that Turkey has broadly met the criteria for visa liberalisation and to ask EU governments and the European Parliament to approve the decision by the end of June.
"With this decree, Turkey has fulfilled one more of the important benchmarks for visa liberalisation," European Commission spokesman Margaritas Schinas told a daily briefing in Brussels.
One of the biggest obstacles in Turkey's relations with the EU is Ankara's refusal to recognise EU member Cyprus, the Mediterranean island divided for four decades between the Turkish-controlled north, recognised only by Ankara, and the Greek Cypriot south, which has international recognition.
"This doesn't mean the recognition of Cyprus. If the EU abolishes visas for Turkish citizens, then we will also abolish visas for the remaining EU countries," the Turkish official said on condition of anonymity because the full deal has not yet been finalised.
"Right now, Greek Cypriots can already travel to Turkey, but we are issuing their visa on a separate paper. With this new arrangement they won't need a visa."
Cyprus would wait for the assessment review of the European Commission on Wednesday before making any comment, government spokesman Nikos Christodoulides told the Cyprus News Agency.
Nordic foreign ministers meeting in Finland said it was important that Turkey reached all 72 criteria before visa-free travel for Turks could be allowed.
"It is an important deal, we need it in Europe. But we must be strict in that sense, that when we have agreed on those benchmarks, they should be fulfilled," Finnish Foreign Minister Timo Soini, head of the nationalist Finns party, told a news conference.
It is as I wrote earlier The Turks have the EU/Merkel over a barrel. It reminds me of the homosexual rape scene in Lawrence of Arabia when Peter O'Toole is bugered by a Turkish officer.

Monday, 2 May 2016

Russia today reports 6 EU members request 2 year extension of border controls; TTIP stil stuck.

"Six European countries reportedly want to maintain border control within the EU beyond the period the Schengen free travel agreement allows for. The measure was imposed in response to the influx of asylum seekers from the Middle East.
Temporary border controls between members of the Schengen treaty can last no longer than for eight months.
Sweden, which has to suspend the emergency measure in June, is advocating the extension of the grace period. Germany, Denmark, Austria, France and Belgium are reportedly also supporting such a move.
The six countries have written a letter to the European Commission requesting to add a six-month extension to measures currently in place, the Local reported. They also want these grace periods to last two years in the future rather than eight months.
Germany’s deadline to abolish border controls comes in May.
Sweden received the largest number of refugees per capita among EU members since they poured into Europe last year. Germany got the largest absolute number.
On Monday, Denmark announced its border control measures would be extended until at least June 2.
Over a million of people from the Middle East, North Africa and Asia arrived in Europe in 2015, making it the biggest migration of people in the region since the Balkan Wars of the 1990s.
Brussels is seeking Turkey’s help to deal with the crisis in exchange for financial aid and political concessions. Critics say the Europeans are compromising their values, as Ankara now has leverage against the EU to make it turn a blind eye on numerous human rights abuses in Turkey"
So much for freedom of movement sacred to the Philes! 
Meanwhile TTIP negotiations are not going well.

U.S. threatens to block easing of EU car exports in TTIP talks, media report

Volker Gassner of the environmental campaign group Greenpeace holds a copy of the leaked TTIP negotiations during a news conference in Berlin, Germany, May 2, 2016.
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The United States is threatening to prevent the easing of export controls on European cars in order to force Europe to buy more U.S. agricultural products, Germany's Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper and ARD public broadcaster reported on Sunday.
In talks on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a sweeping U.S.-European free trade deal, the United States has also blocked a European call to replace private arbitration tribunals, responsible for corporative lawsuits, with a public state model, the reports said.
The media outlets said they obtained 240 pages of internal negotiations documents from the environment group Greenpeace. Several people familiar with the negotiations confirmed that the documents were current, the media said.
The documents suggest the United States is putting more pressure on the European Union in ongoing negotiations for a transatlantic free trade deal than previously thought, the media outlets said.
The top negotiators trying to reach agreement on the trade deal avoided agriculture, public procurement and other thorny issues in talks last week.
Instead, Assistant U.S. Trade Representative Daniel Mullaney and European Commission lead negotiator Ignacio Garcia Bercera said on Friday, they concentrated on less controversial areas such as small and medium enterprises and technical language.
But both insisted after their 13th negotiating round in New York that they can still reach an agreement this year before U.S. President Barack Obama leaves office in January.
Greenpeace said in a statement it will give a news conference on the documents in Berlin on Monday 0900 GMT.
So much for Obama wanting to do trade deals with big blocs only. I bet Japan has a trade deal with the US covering cars. There are so many Jap cars on US roads.
Vote Leave! We can hardly do worse at the negotiation table than the Swedish Sociology Prof who is in charge of trade negotiations. Mind you they put Cathy Ashton, a jumped up sociologist /social worker, in 'charge' of Foreign affairs.  The EU French civil servants like politicos who know nothing of foreign affairs. It saves them lots of difficult questions.T 

Sunday, 1 May 2016

How to circumvent the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation proaganda

During WWII the BBC made its reputation by circumventing Nazi propaganda by broadcasting the truth. On our EU referendum the BBC has now sunk to a level of lies Dr Goebbels would have been proud of. There is one TV station broadcasting in English called Russia Today. Its on channel 135 in my region just past Skym on 132. It broaddcasts lots of stories that don't fit  the BBC/ITV/Sky agenda so its defintely worth a look.

It has a web site www.RT.Com which covers the stories BBC  does not see fit to include on its EU propaganda web site. The only other web site worth looking at is Reuters at www.reuters.co.uk. Although it is business orientated it does include stuff that does not fit the BBC 's political agenda.

Here is a good story from RT today

Protesters clash with riot police at May Day rally in Paris (VIDEO)

Youths raise their hands high to show that they do not hold bottles or stones as they pass French riot police during a protest against the French labour law proposal during the May Day labour union march in Paris, France, May 1, 2016. © Philippe Wojazer
Fresh clashes between protesters and riot police have erupted in the French capital. Sunday’s march of trade unions and students protesting against labor reforms proposed by the French government coincided with International Worker's Day.
While people were demonstrating in the streets in a traditional May Day parade, sporadic clashes with police erupted, according to RT France’s correspondent reporting from the scene.
Police deployed tear gas to disperse some particularly hostile demonstrators.
Protesters threw rocks, trash and paint at security forces, while also letting off firecrackers and shouting slogans, RT France reported.

France, including its capital city, has seen a wave of violent protests recently, as thousands of people take to the streets to demonstrate against labor reforms. This week, security forces clashed with protesters in Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Rennes, and other cities. Police have detained a number of people. 

I cannot recollect seeing anything about French civil unrest on the BBC this week although it has clearly been going on for some time.

Here is another story from Ruters this time concerning the Alternative fur Deutschland party , the AFD, that does not fit the Beeb's muticultural agenda. Its leader, Frauke Petrie is a nice looking motther of four who goes down well on TV so an obvious NoNo for the BBC.

Anti-immigrant AfD says Muslims not welcome in Germany

Frauke Petry (L), chairwoman of the anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AfD) votes during the second day of the AfD congress in Stuttgart, Germany, May 1, 2016.
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Members of the anti-immigration party Alternative for Germany (AfD) on Sunday backed an election manifesto that says Islam is not compatible with the constitution and calls for a ban on minarets and the burqa.
Set up three years ago, the AfD has been buoyed by Europe's migrant crisis, which saw the arrival of more than one million, mostly Muslim migrants, in Germany last year. The party has no lawmakers in the federal parliament in Berlin but has members in half of Germany's 16 regional state assemblies.
Opinion polls give AfD support of up to 14 percent, presenting a serious challenge to Chancellor Angela Merkel's conservatives and other established parties ahead of the 2017 federal election. They rule out any coalition with the AfD.
In a raucous debate on the second day of a party congress, many of the 2,000 members cheered calls from the podium for measures against "Islamic symbols of power" and jeered a plea for dialogue with Germany's Muslims.
"Islam is foreign to us and for that reason it cannot invoke the principle of religious freedom to the same degree as Christianity," said Hans-Thomas Tillschneider, an AfD lawmaker from the state of Saxony-Anhalt, to loud applause.
Merkel has said freedom of religion for all is guaranteed by Germany's constitution and has said on many occasions that Islam belongs to Germany.
Up to 2,000 left-wing demonstrators clashed with police on Saturday as they tried to break up the first full AfD conference. About 500 people were briefly detained and 10 police officers were lightly injured, a police spokesman said.
The chapter of the AfD manifesto concerning Muslims is entitled "Islam is not a part of Germany". The manifesto demands a ban to minarets - the towers of a mosque from where the call to Muslim prayer is made - and the burqa, the all-encompassing body garment worn by some conservative Muslim women.
Germany is home to nearly four million Muslims, about five percent of the total population. Many of the longer established Muslim community in Germany came from Turkey to find work, but those who have arrived over the past year have mostly been fleeing conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.
Last month the head of Germany's Central Council of Muslims likened the AfD's attitude towards his community to that of Adolf Hitler's Nazis towards the Jews.
Although the AfD aimed to broaden its political agenda during the congress, members hardly debated on domestic issues, such as taxation and social welfare.
The party's leadership has proposed the introduction of an income tax bracket system and the abolition of inheritance taxes, which experts say would benefit high earners.
The head of Germany's DGB confederation of trade unions, Reiner Hoffmann, sharply criticised the AfD's programme.
"Their alternatives are nothing but simple, dull and inconsistent," Hoffmann said in a speech at an DGB event in Stuttgart to mark Labour Day.
He said the AfD was not only conducting a hate campaign against refugees, but also aiming for a tax policy that was against the interests of workers.
So you dont have to look hard to find alternatives to BBC propaganda. The truth is out there as Mulder and Scully used to say.