Monday, 6 July 2015

How will the EU & the UK handle the Greek No?

Beware the Greeks bearing gifts was the quip used to terrorise the Romans and refers to the Trojan horse episode in Homer's Iliad. The Greek gift is the sacrifice hard line Finance minister Varoufakis who has just resigned to placate the colleagues but will it suffice?

The accepted EU tactic in such cases is to demand reruns of the vote until the plebs agree with the colleagues. That is impossible with the Greeks so the normally vocal colleagues are staying stumn until the Dr Frau gives them permission to speak.

Our great leaders Dave, Gideon and the Canadian dwarf have also been silent whilst they figure out how best to use the Greek result to terrify the UK populace into voting to stay in. In Animal Farm the pigs whose leader was called Napoleon had spin doctor pig called Squealer who was good at explaining black was white to the plebs. Unfortunately Dave & Gideon only have the cartoon Roland Rat to explain their EUphilia but I expect a torrent of FUD to emerge from all EU phile orifices soon on the lines of do you want to end up like the Greeks. Well Yes I do. They at least have a PM and Finance minister prepared to stand up for their country and not make their people EU slaves.

In the French translation of Animal Farm the chief pig's name had to be changed from Napoleon to something less insulting to the honour of France.

The answer to my title question is neither the colleagues or Dave have any idea what to do next.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Greeks vote No so its up yours EU

The Greeks are a proud people with a democratic tradition second to none. They have had enough of being kicked around by arrogant mid European politicians so its over to Dr Frau Merkel and Hollande and time for a little humility from that Franco Prussian pair.

Roland Rat the cartoon character leader of the keep the UK in the EU campaign has said of the Greeks ,"Let them go" but where will they go to? They might easily fall into Mr Putin's orbit a danger the US are well aware of but Merkel seems oblivious too. How many divisions do the Dranco Prussians have? Not hearly as many or as tough as Mr Putin's lot. the US are petrified of the prospect of a Russian military presence in the Med.

Merkel and Hollande are due to meet tomorrow. I do hope they will leave the ECB out of it. Its supposed to be an independent central bank. This is the acid test.

Fraser Nelson has spelt out some of the likely scenarios

I think Draghi will quietly continue to support Greek banks under some 'special' deal for a couple of weeks to allow time for the politicos to come to their senses and offer a big haircut on Greek debt. If they don't then their beloved Euro is doomed and the Russians will have the Med base they have always wanted since the days of rg Czars.

Saturday, 4 July 2015

How will the Greeks vote in their Referendum?

I am all for referendums. The Europhile political elite hate them so much they clearly must be a good thing for us democracy loving plebs.

In economic terms the Greeks are between a rock and a hard place or as Odysseus found between Scylla and Charybdis as BoJo might say. Their real choice is between freedom and EU slavery. For a Scot brought up on the Declaration of Arbroath, 1320 on which 450 years later the American Declaration of Independence was modeled there can only be one choice, freedom.

But will there be a referendum or will it be pulled at the 11th hour? We will soon know.

Sunday 5th July PS

EU warns of Armageddon if Greek voters reject terms

Thats from todays Sunday Telegraph

That's how to terrify the plebs!

A Greek lady interviewed this morning summed it up thus:

If I vote Yes to the EU proposals then  I, my children and grandchildren will simply be bonded slaves of the EU in perpetuity.

That is the choice we face also, free men or bonded slaves of a self perpetuating EU political elite.

Friday, 3 July 2015

What the French can teach us about education and law

Napoleon was a very great man not just on the battlefield but in his reforms to French law and education. He deemed that religion should have no place in French education and French schools have been secular ever since. Napoleon did it to preserve the rights of man and equality embedded in the French revolution. This has enabled the French to avoid the problems we are now having with Muslim schools, burkas, veils etc. Its Non! No ifs buts or maybes to paraphrase PM Dave.

We cannot do the same because we gave rights to religous groups to run their own schools and instill their own religous beliefs in the children attending these schools taught by teachers of that same religion. This all started with the Church schools attached to the local churches around 1400 and was pretty harmless when everyone was a Catholic.It started to go wrong when the faults of the Catholic church were so manifest and many that Protestantism arose and the wealth of the church was so obscene that Henry VIII destroyed the abbeys etc to get his hands on their wealth. Had the church followed the teachings of Jesus they would have given it all to the poor but they did not, and there the problems started to multiply.

The Church of England run by the monarch was set up as a compliant pseudo religion but the Catholics had to be kept out of the monarchy, hence we ended up with the Hanoverians as our monarchs. The Catholics understanably got a bit miffed at this, agitated for reform culminating in the Catholic Emancipation Act of 1829 which allowed Catholics to become MPs and repealed the Test Acts that were a series of English penal laws that served as a religious test for public office and imposed various civil disabilities on Roman Catholics and Nonconformists.

English Catholic schools had been forced to move abroad but started to come back in the early 1800s. These were largely fee paying public schools like Downside available only to the wealthy so was of no benefit to ordinary Catholics. I quote from a Catholic Education Service document,

In 1847 a unique partnership was agreed with the State, and Catholic Poor-School Committee was established by the bishops of England and Wales (at that time still vicars-apostolic), to represent them collectively and to focus on the promotion of Catholic elementary education for the growing Catholic population, particularly fuelled by immigration in the big cities and industrial areas.

History has a great way of repeating itself! Irish Catholic immigrant labour was imported from the early 1800s  to fuel industrialists insatiable demand for cheap labour to work in their factories and fatten their profits. We of course are facing the same problem today except the majority of immigrants are now Moslems imported for the same reasons. (There are a smaller number of Polish RCs for which the local Catholic churches are extremely grateful.) The Moslems are now agitating for their own schools which given what has been granted to the Catholics we cannot logically refuse unless we ban all religion in schools.

The Jews have had their own schools since around 1850 although wealthier Jews prefer to send their children to Eton etc. Currently around 60% of Jewish children attend Jewish schools which I believe also take some Gentiles and Muslims.

More worrying is the precedent set by Jewish Beth Din courts. I quote from the Independent,

Jewish Beth Din courts have in fact been operating in the UK for more than a century and are frequently used – particularly by the Orthodox community -– to solve civil disputes. Under British civil law a third party can be used to resolve a dispute as long as both sides agree to the arbitration. They cannot, however, replace civil law. Critics say that because sharia and halakha (Jewish law) uses religious texts to define their practice they are often biased against women.

So when the Muslims want to use Sharia law we find again we have granted these rights to Jews so it will be difficult to refuse the same to Muslims.

The French from Napoleon see this far more logically. Hence they have banned burkas etc in public places and ban religion from schools. We should do the same. Endless UK fudge will lead to disaster. The problem like the third Heathrow runway is there are a significant number of influential Catholics and Jews who will fight against this but the problems will really mount when we have an even larger number of influential Islamics demanding parity with Catholics and Jews.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

EU bullying of the Greeks is a consequence of Greek loss of sovereignty

The lessons for the UK are plain to see. The Europhile weasel words that giving up our sovereignty will be good for us is now exposed as a lie. Loss of control of your currency is equally bad and hands control of your countries finances to Juncker and his dodgy mid-European cronies that they call colleagues.

The Greeks wanted into the Euro to stop the rampant inflation they had with the drachma. They are now finding that mass unemployment and austerity is worse than inflation. But the Greeks are not the only people to be lured down this primrose path. We in the UK, did exactly the same thing for the same reasons when Heath finding he could not run the UK handed control of our country to Brussels as being preferable to having our country run by the trade unions. Better I would say to have our country run by British trade unionists that came from our working class than the Franco Prussion undemocratic, unelwected political elite.

This is still the attitude in England. Look at Democracy Forum to see the proliferation of anti leftie comments. The UK working class have always been patriots. Those who have betrayed our country, Philby, Burgess, MacClean etc came from the Old Etonian dominated political elite. At the top of that pyramid there is Betty von Battenburg  with more German blood than Anglo Saxon who sabotaged the SNP referendum and is now selling us out to the EU and her husband's numerous  German cousins. Diana Spencer said just before she tragically died , "The Germans got me". She knew what the von Battenburgs were.

Its not the working class that is selling us down the river to the EU its our leaders, political, religous, military and cultural. Nothing short of revolution will free as. The French had theirs in the late 18th century, the Russians theirs in the early 20th century time for us to have ours and lets finish the job Cromwell started in the mid 17th century but never finished.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

UKIP & Farage have a credibility problem

Or to put it in the common vernacular following the Farage resigns then unresigns saga, Evans is fired and then unfired. No sensible person can then believe a word UKIP says. That is a huge self inflicted problem for a party and a party leader. I have no doubt both of these originate with Farage who has the strange belief that to put the prefix 'un' in front of an action reverses the action. I first came across this strange use of language at an NEC meeting about 6 years ago when Farage threatened to have a UKIP member 'unwhipped'. I did point out to Farage that UKIP did not have a whipping system like a  traditional political party at that time. Farage, supported by his sycos, simply ploughed on ignoring the bleeding obvious. Perhaps Ms Whiplash could tell us what unwhipping is?.

So when some Faragista posts a video clip of Nigel recommending UKIP not to take the Short money for party funding click below to watch and claim this makes Farage a man you can trust I say Ho Hum.

Note the use of the weasel words "My recommendation" that will enable Farage to slide out of this commitment and blame it on the UKIP NEC which he of course 100% controls.

Carswell of course has already said he will not take the 'Short' money. He would then have to appoint Farage approved Faragista staff on that money in his office. Carswell is no fool besides he knows how stupid and incompetent most Faragistas are. Saying I agree with Nigel often and loudly is all that is needed to secure preferment in UKIP.

Farage and his MEPs have of course no problems themselves about taking EU money. Unfortunately Farage has the bad habit of losing his MEPs to other parties. I wonder why? Bashir seems to have joined the Tories and Atkinson Miss LePen's French Front National. Its early days yet and I expect many more UKIP MEP defections before the next 2019 Euro elections.

Watch what Farage does with his own dosh and don't fall for his bullshit talk with your hard earned money.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Is Farage exploiting the UKIP homeless?

I am grateful to Del Young for pointing this out to me. Del sees through Farage better than anyone I know.

Farage is using the UKIP finance problem as an angle to beat Carswell with and get members to
force him out the party.  He wants to force Carswell to take all the taxpayers money he is allowed; So Carswell will get the blame. for UKIP homelessness. Carswell of course does not want to take the money and have his office infiltrated by self seeking Faragistas.

Neat huh? One more dirty trick from UKIP's store of dirty tricks.