Thursday, 4 February 2016

Who should lead the out campaign?

This question cannot be put off any more and must be answered. Cometh the hour cometh the man and in this case it seems to be Nigel Lawson, Thatcher's Chancellor and without doubt along with Dennis Healey the ablest Chancellor in my lifetime. Elliot and Cummings of the over inflated egos have been demoted off the board of VoteLeave to executive positions clearing the way for a merger with Leave.EU with Lawson as chairman of the merged operation. Thank goodness for that!

There will be other board members whom I hope will speak for the leave campaign. These will be mainly non cabinet Tories like Liam Fox, David Davis, Daniel Hannan plus Labour's Kate Hooey. It has to spokesmen who can resonate and connect with those in the centre ground whose votes will decide the result. We could do with an ethnic minority spokesperson and I would be grateful to anyone who can suggest one. The main criterion for our spokespeople is they should be reasonable inoffensive people who are liked by the populace and don't upset anyone and with whom the populace can identify as ordinary guys like themselves. The biggest mistake the LibDems made was to ditch the affable popular Charlie Kennedy who got them the most MPs they ever had!

No Farage or even nice UKIPers like Mrs James. Their job is done. We don't need them! Indeed they are a liabilty now. UKIP votes are in the bag. Its centre ground votes we need to win. Farage and his cronies will switch off Middle England big time. For that reason the BBC will promote Farage etc non stop on QT to reinforce the fruit cake and loony image of the Outers the BBC wants to paint. It will be one of Lawson's main tasks to keep Farage off TV and never accredit him as a spokesman for the Leave campaign. If Farage wants to be useful he should concentrate on fund raising.

This campaign will not be a point scoring debate. It will be settled in the hearts of the British people voting for people they see as sharing their values and aspirations.

Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Thank God for the UK press corps and bloggers

I think the picture below sums Cameron's renegotiation up,

I can't remember a PM getting such a bad press

The prize must go to the Sun's Capt Mannering Cameron front page cashing in on the soon to be released film rehash of the Warminster on Sea platoon. A bit insulting to the real Capt Mannering who was a true patriot something you could never say aboy smarmy  Dave.

This is the section of the 2010 Conservative manifesto that Steve Baker was asking the Prime Minister about
Embedded image permalink

Seems pretty clear that Dave did not deliver on these manifesto promises. Still the place seeking Tories will swear black is white to get their bums into ministerial limos.

Cameron's Tusk EU press release makes Neville Chamberlain's 1938 bit of paper look a good deal.

Peter Lilley and Jacob Rees Mogg cut Cameron apart in the Commons today. Boris and Theresa are sitting waiting to see how the wind blows. If there is a real grass roots revolt against Cameron this weekend they will quickly jump on the bandwagon.

Dave's attempt to hoodwink the ordinary people may force his resignation. He has been rumbled. His brake won't pass the MOT.

The whole debate is here

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Some of the things Dave forgot to renegotiate

Not since Napoleon's retreat from Moscow has a leader ditched so much for so little. Here are some of the things Dave ditched to get his deal.

1. Taking back control over social and employment law His 2007 views are below

They were also endorsed by his chosen successor Gideon that year.

2. A complete opt-out from the Charter of Fundamental Rights

3. Stopping the ECJ overruling our criminal law. He promised to return the ECJ s jurisidiction over criminal law to pre Lisbon Treaty levels. He soon ditched that to introduce the European Arrest Warrant which is a travesty of Magna Carta

4.   In 2014, he wrote about “treaty change that I’ll be putting in place before the referendum”.  But last year, David Lidington, the Europe Minister, saidthat “our timetable for referendum by the end of 2017 mean that you just cannot [have] treaty negotiation and 28 national ratifications within that timeframe”.

5. Stopping EU migrants coming to the EU without a job offer.

6. Repatriating job seekers if they have not found a job after 6 months

7.Reforming the Working time directive that is a major cause of medical staffing problems in the NHS

8. Getting the Europen parliament to meet in one place and stop the Strasbourg farce which is then only to placte French amour propre.

9. Reforming the CAP.

10. Reforming the EU's structural fund mess that funnels money into useless
infrastructure projects that there is no demand for.

Finally no mention of getting back fisheries currently being ruined by rapacious non UK fishermen

What Dave has done is what Esau did, he has sold our chidren's birthright for a load of EU waffle.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Being in the single market is of little value to the UK

Roger Bootle's piece in the business section of today's DT rams this point home.

Its an outstanding piece that forensically dismantles the sloganising that the great, good and not so good use instead of rational argument. These slogans are endlessly  parrotted by the juvenile minds the BBC  features endlessly on QT etc. They have the excuse of the naivete of youth but business leaders and politicians cannot be excused. They are cynically promoting their own self interests and bank accounts no concern for our country. Slogans and catch hrases are not rational argument but are what  the BBC peddles non-stop.

Bootle asks the question why do we have to be in the single market? Indeed what is the difference to us between the Common Market we joined in 1973 and the Single Market of 1993?

It is a single regulatory framework that should apply across the EU. We have very little influence on these rules which are decided by QMV under which system we have been outvoted more than any other country roughly 300 times for the UK and 120 times for the next most outvoted country Germany.

But who enforces these rules? Officials of the European Commission. And who are these officials? Well the majority are Franco Prussians who out number British officials roughly 8 to 1. These Franco Prussian officials follow the code Napoleon of applying the rules to their perceived enemies, the Brits, and interpreting the rules for themselves and their friends. Hence the French and Germans can flout EU rules with impunity. What has become of the German diesel car emissions testinng scandal? Well nothing in the EU. Its the Anglo Saxon USA we have to rely on in this matter.

The advantage of the single market to us is that all the rest of the EU are in it so we deal with one set of regulations for our goods sent to the EU but we do not have to be a paying member to benefit from this. GATT rules protest us. As for retaliation the EU is in a weak position as we import far more from them than they do from us. The German car industry is particularly dependent on the UK market with a 30% share of the UK market. That,s a lot of cars, 750000 roughly, enough to bring Merkel to heel the day after a leave vote in the UK referendum.

Then the advantages for a free soverign UK pile up. No EU membership fee. No unsuitable EU regulations restricting our trade paricularly in services Ability to negotiate UK tailor trade deals with the Old Commonwealth, BRICS, China & Japan. Crucially these would be deals negotiated by Brits for B rits not by dodgy mid Europeans with an eye on their own countries trade..

Last but not least we could rclaim our Fisheries and sith the French subsidy CAP.

Remember those who want us to stay in the EU are the same people who warned us of imminent disaster if we did not join the Euro. We all know  how that turned out. Staying out of the Euro was the best decision Gordon ever made.

Saturday, 30 January 2016

The Bullingdon Club - Oxford University - Minister Radek Sikorski & Premier David Cameron

Mr Sikorski was the guest of AN and JoCo on the Daily Politics of 28 th Jan. There quiz was who did Mr S give a lift in the side car of his motor bike. Nigel Farage, Jezza , Diane Abbot or Bo Jo. Correct answer, BoJo who Mr S described as a friend of his. A bit disingenuous methinks. Mr S was in the Buller with Gideon, Dave & BoJo. Now where did a poor Pole get the dosh to buy the Buller's dining fig, estimated cost £2500. Answer, there are no poor politicians, even student ones. Click link to read about Mr S.

Eat your heart out Nigel you were never going to be Buller material.

Nice piece from J Daley on Dave's pantomime renegotiations

He's behind you Dave!

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Its about Sovereignty stupid!

The Common Market/EU  's aim has always been the creation of a European state on Napoleonic  Bismarkian contintental principles of law and limited democracy. Ordinary people were never to be trusted with political power. That was to be kept in the hands of the European political elite. It is completely alien to our and the USA political and legal traditions and since MacMillan tried to get in in 1957 was deemed to be to dangerous to reveal to the British people who would of course have rejected the whole sordid system out of hand. The European elites excuse was only they could stop the rise of another Hitler - a very dubious proposition indeed.. The equally dictatorial and anti-democratic Napoleon was never to be mentioned. Anyone who represents the views of ordinary people is smeared as a 'populist'.

In short the British people were to be conned and our political leaders from all sides of the political spectrum were complicit in this enormous deceit. The people were to be bemused, confused and terrified by contradictory economic/business statistics that only the political elite could interpret correctly,  An idea copied from the Catholic Church that had a Bible and services in Latin which only the priest class the political elites pre Tyndale around 1530 could properly understand. So the EU  has enslaved us just as the Church had enslaved our anscestors since 300. Note how well the RC church hierarchy lived unchallenged up till  1530. Their lavish standard of living persisted up to the middle of the 20th century. The EU elite are following this path. They get rich and the people get poor. They are the sole custodians of the true faith and the riches that flow from that position.

It was good therefore to read Freddy Forsyth's letter in today's DT entitled, "The emphasison economics in the EU debate is a dangerous  distraction". It was ever thus. I well remember the then Labour MP Shirley Williams successfully using this tactic in the 1970s.

Forsyth finishes his letter with this all to true sentence.

"Unfortunately, most people will probably be fooled by yet another mendacious government and will vote our country into oblivion about 20 years from now"

Economic/Business statistics change weekly  with the wind. Loss of sovereignty lasts for centuries. Think before you vote it away. As Dave is finding out its rather difficult to get it back.

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

UKIP spokesmen need better briefing

I watched Steven Woolfe come off second best on today's Daily Politics to Labour motor mouth and failed leadership contender Liz Kendall.

He failed to challenge Kendall's dogmatic assertion that 50 % of our exports goes to the EU. He allowed himself to be out talked and bullied by Kendall. That has to change.

The correct figure is 44.8%  for goods and services as at 2014. As our trade with the EU has been steadily following an up to date figure is less than that. My figures come from the House of Commons Library Briefing paper 6091 published 19th Jan 2016. If I can find these figures so easily why cannot Wolfe with his paid researchers find them out? Woolfe speaks for UKIP on Migration and Financial matters. Sorry Mr Woolfe but you have to improve your act or we will stay a Brussel's slave state for ever.

Click through to

and follow through to the pdf file that contains the full figures.

Mr Woolfe claims to be a barrister but he has obviously not mastered his UKIP brief or was he not given a brief at all by Master Farage?