Friday, 18 August 2017

We don't need a trade deal with the EU. WTO will do us just fine

Two things I have read today have impressed me:

This fleshes out Patrick Minford's point that we should simple abolish all tariffs import and export. They are just taxes on the ordinary people that benefit only the political elite and inefficient vested interests.Abolishing them cuts the cost of living for ordinary people.


which points out that smaller countries are run more for the benefit of ordinary folk avoiding wars and vanity projects so beloved of politicians.

Think of Clegg and his boast that the EU enabled us, ie him, to walk tall in the world no doubt with his wealthy Spanish wife.

I urge you to read the unherd piece. It's so good I have to quote chunks from it

Nations which are smaller tend to be richer and happier. New Zealand is officially the most prosperous country on earth, according to the Legatum Institute. It ranks top of both the social capital and economic quality sub-indexes, and second for business environment and governance. The other top-ranked countries are Norway, Finland and Switzerland. Canada is the first big country, coming in fifth, even then it has a relatively small population – about half the UK’s – to fill half a continent.

 Small countries can fix problems that are intractable in bigger countries. Ireland was hit far harder by the financial crisis than most of the Eurozone, it managed to implement double-digit government spending cuts and slash the deficit. It now has GDP surging well ahead of EU rivals.

The final paragraph says it all.

Power is the vanity of politicians the world over. Wars are so often power grabs that only benefit the ruling elite, the common people benefiting not one jot. Remember when you hear politicians claiming “we are stronger together”, they mean the state is bigger and the reach of their political powers are stronger. Could it be that the Scottish, Welsh, English and all the Irish would be richer and happier to just rule over themselves?

Its the Carly Simon song about our political elite

You're so vain 
You probably think this song is about you 
You're so vain, 
I'll bet you think this song is about you

The trouble is our political elite are ugly and can't sing. Here is what it should sound like:

So why are we fannying around with the EU that clearly don't want to do a fair deal. Let us just leave the EU asap and cur our losses.

Thursday, 17 August 2017

The realpolitik between Muslims & the Labour party

The British electoral system of first past the post constituencies has been well exploited by Labour Muslim MPs. The system rewards geographic concentration of votes in small areas. Thus UKIP polled over 4 million votes in one General Election and got one MP because their votes were spread evenly over the whole country. I am not sure how many Muslim MPs there are now but is certainly many more than one.

Muslim's have been encouraged by their Imans and culture to live in densely packed ghetto like groups centred around their mosques. Labour know this and pander to the Muslim vote because it punches above its electoral weight. Hence Muslim organisations have a magnified influence in the Labour party.

That is why Sarah Champion had to go. She spoke the plain unvarnished truth and risked losing over 10 Labour seats where Muslim exploitation of young white girls had rightly given rise to criminal convictions. Corbyn is a much more effective campaigner than May. He could scarcely be less effective. He knows where his core vote is and looks after it unlike butterfingers May and the man from Mars, Nick Timothy.

The Labour vote no longer comes from the British working man but from a series of special interest groups that Labour assiduously cultivates, LGBT, Council House tenants eg  Grenfell Tower victims, benefit claimants of various sorts etc. Jezza Corbyn and his Momentum troops assiduously look after these groups which tend to be geographically concentrated but not as clearly as the Muslims.. He has put together a formidable alliance of such groups that the Tories will find difficult to defeat. It is a huge tribute to BoJo that he triumphed over this alliance twice in London. On the other side Labour won in K &C the wealthiest part of  London because of these special interest groups

Its the same effect in Northern Ireland were there are no Labour MPs just Unionist and Sinn Fein because of the constituency system.

Much has been made of the concessions the DUP have extracted from May for their support. The same will happen for the Grenfell Tower victims although a number were clearly illegal immigrants and a number of the flats were illegally sublet.

If the Tories want to win next time they have to be much better than they were last time at looking after their supporters otherwise Jezza wil be in No10.

In real politik its bums on Green leather that count.

Here is Tory Boy Pierce's take on things. What he describes is the way Farage ran UKIP where if you were not a sycophant you were trashed. I can't have any sympathy for Ms Champion. She and other Labour MPs behaved very badly to the UKIP MEP who tried to raise the Rotherham Pakistani problem some years ago.

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Sarah Champion: O Tempora, o mores. translates to Oh the times , Oh the customs

It is from one of Cicero's orations  and is used —used as an exclamation of despair at prevailing social or political norms. It is particularly apposite today given Sarah Champion has been forced by the politically correct red brigade to withdraw her truthful remarks she wrote in the Sun.

Last Friday after the Newcastle guilty verdict on 19 men Champion wrote:

 “Britain has a problem with British Pakistani men raping and exploiting white girls. There. I said it. Does that make me a racist? Or am I just prepared to call out this horrifying problem for what it is?”

The BBC persists in describing these men as Asian. This is a huge insult to the majority Asian group in the UK, Hindus who have never been implicated in such crimes. That will not bother the BBC one jot.

The Daily Mail has published a scathing condemnation of such Muslim gangs. 

The quotes from Trevor Philips, former race equalities Czar and former president of the NUS are well worth reading described these as race hate crimes and called for them to be prosecuted as such.

Imam Qari Asim, of the Makkah mosque in Leeds, added: ‘We cannot hide from the fact that the perpetrators of these appalling crimes were mostly Muslims. If it is cultural prejudices that have led these men to prey on white girls, seeing them as “easy meat”, then this needs to be addressed.

He is right. The common factor between all these gangs, Newcastle, Rochdale, Rotherham etc. is they were predominately Muslim men.

That Sarah Champion had not the courage to stand by her words is profoundly depressing. The Sun printed the truth.

Cicero could have escaped from Rome but returned to take his place in the Senate and denounce the tyranny of the triumvirate. The three leaders [triumviri] Octavian, Lepidus, and Anthony ordered his execution. But it was Anthony who hated him most..He was killed by a man he had once defended in court.

Monday, 14 August 2017

Perfidious Hammond

Philip Hammond exudes political duplicity and deceit. He is very boring , tedious, long winded and worst of all is more a captive of the Treasury Permanent Secretary  Sir Tom than Jim Hacker ever was of the Cabinet secretary Sir Humphrey. Hacker at least had a sense of humour to lighten the gloom. Hammond reminds me of an unhappy undertaker.

As Chancellor, Hammond  is an incompetent disaster. Remember the self employed NIC fiasco that had to be U turned by Mrs May almost immediately. It is said he has ambitions to be Tory leader. I can only quote Victor Meldrew, I don't believe it! Corbyn has something that appeals to the ordinary voter. I am not sure what it is but I am sure Hammond has nothing ordinary voters can connect with. Spreadsheets, the great love of Hammond's life, don't have votes.

His great mantra that he repeats ad nauseam on the Referendum result is that he is sure the British people did not vote to make themselves poorer.  They voted Mr Hammond to make themselves free! Don't you get it! People prize freedom above all. They don't want to be plump well fed prisoners of the EU although come to think of it the Greeks did not even get that from Dr Frau Merkel. They had to be taught a lesson. A million Greeks died of starvation under German occupation in WWII. Was that not a lesson enough?

To return to my topic of yesterday, free range chickens are happier, lay better eggs that command a higher price in the world market and one people pay because they taste better and are uncontaminated by the cheap EU spreadsheet Hammond chicken feed.

Clearly Hammond realises he is in trouble. Hence the joint article with Liam Fox in yesterday's Sunday Telegraph headlined,

"Leaving the EU is an opportunity to reshape our economic destiny"

but re-titled as

The impact was further wrecked by another piece 4 hours later

The later piece talks of the contempt Hammond has for Fox and" He's (Hammond) is very superior". Not the sort of guy you can trust.

The omissions however tell the real tale , no timetable and no reference to getting out of ECJ jurisdiction, the core problem which even our very clever Judge Neuberger skates round.

It all smells very fishy to me so expect more trouble.

Hammond also likes emotive terms like cliff edge, soft Brexit etc These are  terms aimed to scare. Cliff edge means trading  on WTO terms, soft Brexit means staying in the EU. Orwell  in his other great book 1984 correctly described this as Newspeak, meaningless terms designed to destroy our language and confuse the ordinary people

Hammond's ill judged comments on Brexit have done our country great harm. He should be sacked.

Sunday, 13 August 2017

EU treats us like battery chickens

I have been struck by the way the EU treats us the same as Dutch factory farmed chickens. Feed them contaminated food and collect and sell the eggs and carcasses. The EU prides itself on its animal welfare standards we are told by D Milliband from the safety of his $500,000 charitable salary in New York where he lives high on chlorinated poison free chickens and lectures us on why there must be another Referendum on Brexit. Funny I don't recall him playing any significant part in our 2016 referendum.

Miliband was parachuted into the ultra safe Labour seat of South Shields for the 2001 election. His father was a Marxist professor at LSE and like all true Marxists had a large house in Primrose Hill one of the most expensive parts of London and adjacent to Regents Park home of London Zoo and famous for its collection of European Marxists. I know this because I rented a single small room in the next street, Gloucester Avenue, but that was all we non-Marxists could afford. Wedgie Benn who had an even bigger house in an equally expensive part of London, Holland Park was a frequent visitor for tea at the Milibands. As a non-Marxist I was never invited.

As in Orwell's great satire of communism, Animal Farm some animals are more equal than others and the Milibands were more equal than any except Wedgie whose great disciple was and is Jezza Corbyn another devoted Marxist who as in Animal Farm has grown fat on the efforts of the real workers although possibly not quite as fat as Diane, aka Madame Mao, Abbott..

Following Labour's 2010 election defeat at the hands of the Bullingdon aristo Cameron there followed a Jewish, biblical, Cain and Abel fraticidal struggle for the leadership and soul of Labour in which the  Blairite brother David narrowly lost to the Marxist Goliath Red Ed. David then departed in 2013 for a very lucrative, $500000 pa charity job in the US with International Rescue. This had previously been staffed by capitalist puppets but now was to be run by a real Socialist.

Would we not all like to benefit from such charity but such occupations are  reserved only for true and deserving Marxists.

However the factory farmed chickens were left behind in the UK in  their tiny cubicles to continue to lay eggs for Marxist Farmer Juncker who was an even bigger fatter aristo than the Tory Cameron. And thus it would have continued had not on 23rd June 2016 the animals rebelled and voted to leave their cages. Biblical tragedy was forecast to follow this dark day but nothing happened! The Sun rose, the Sun set and gradually the animals realized they were getting on very well without their Marxist rulers. This won't do cried D Miliband from over the pond. This did not happen in Regent's Park Zoo and he repeated the same old 23rd June scare stories to frighten the animals back into their cages. But by now he animals knew he was a false prophet pedaling fake news and thank goodness ignored him.

Friday, 11 August 2017

Trump shows us how to negotiate but will our liberal elite listen?

Donald Trump is a much maligned man by the UK and US liberal elite. The  Donald however is a business man and does know how to negotiate deals and has made a fortune by his negotiating skills.

Our liberal elite could not negotiate their way out of a paper bag but as P Hammond they are in charge of your money and eager to hand over as much of your loot as the EU demands. We must have clarity bleat the Lib Dems. Listen to Donald. Clarity is just showing our cards to the EU and damaging our position. Obfuscation and keeping the EU off balance is what is needed for our country right now. That is how Trump is dealing with North Korea's threats, it is the right tactic and it is working.

Nothing is agreed until everything is agreed is the EU's guiding principle. There will be a UK EU trade deal but it cannot be struck before the last minute of the last day of the last month ie 28th March 2019 with our freedom commencing the day after. All the lies and half truths and dissembling will fall away on that day leaving the bottom line.

In the intervening period we must not give anything away and hold the line that legally we owe the EU nothing. We will pay what we legally owe and receive back what we are legally owed. So be careful to make your position papers suitably obscure DD!

Juncker can charter as many private jets as he likes but we should not have to pay for them. Perhaps the UK EU ambassador could point this out to  Herr Juncker the next time they meet. Let it be before lunch to ensure Juncker's sobriety.

Thursday, 10 August 2017

Public Sector pen pushers are rewarded, private sector wealth creators are not

The latest storm over unchecked, unaccountable EU expenses claims are but the tip of the iceberg. Private sector companies used to provide defined benefit pensions so the workers knew what their pensions on retirement would be. Gordon Brown raided and these schemes in 1997 when he took away the tax reliefs and other allowances for. It was UK politics at its worst a stealth tax intoduced for short term political reasons that our great media did not consider important.

Now 20 years on private defined benefit pension schemes are all but extinct and have been closed to new entrants for many years. Gordon's pension and those of his Civil Service advisers was of course defined benefit as are all public schemes. Many like the police and civil service are unfunded and paid out of taxation or the rates.Teachers and local authority schemes are certainly defined benefit but may have a contributory element. The scheme I was in, USS, was contributory but is now reported as having a £20 bn black  that will need filling. As a retiree I am safe but younger academics are not.

The hard fact is that it is private enterprise and firms that create wealth and the public sector that consumes wealth.

In the Bible it says thou shalt not muzzle the Ox that treads the corn but that is exactly what we are doing. Wealth creators are poorly rewarded public sector box tickers are pandered too.

Public sector salaries and their linked defined benefit schemes in local authorities, heath authorities etc have medium rank unqualified minions paid more than the PM. The argument we have to pay the market rate or they will leave is nonsense. Where will they go to? It would be good for the UK if they went into private industry but that of course entails a massive drop in salary and future pension. Turkeys don't vote for Xmas. The public sector are the market in theses box ticking non jobs so the only palace these people can go to is another public sector job, the revolving door syndrome that HMG can control if it has the political courage to do so..

Rather than hitting the poor, HMG should establish national salary scales over the whole public sector. I have no problem if that involves a small raise for T May as long as all public sector salaries are set off that.

I can only point to my own former employer, the Bank of England, with its vastly overpaid, useless, Governor Carney earning £800k pa plus free accommodation etc whilst Janet Yellen who runs the US Fed and is responsible for a banking system and economy at least ten times the size of the UK earns £200k pa!  The Yanks have got it right public service is its own reward.