Thursday, 22 March 2018

UK Govt strategic Brexit mistakes or was it deliberate sabotage thereafter?

In our Referendum of 23 June 1916 we voted to leave the EU by a substantial margin. It came as a complete shock to the political elite  who could not accept the people's clear answer. The elite responded with their time  honoured tactics , delay and obfuscate.

Cameron resigned on 24th June and the Tories embarked on their leadership election process, a  procedure designed by the political class with Tory  MPs alone.allowed to participate until the final two candidates when the ordinary members would be given a choice of the last two. The process never got to the ordinary members as Johnson, Leadsom and Gove leading figures in the Leave campaign were one by one politically assassinated by the Tory/Civil Service establishment and and this pro EU remain establishment stayed firmly in control.

On 5th July May won the first two rounds round of ballot and on 11th July Leadsom withdrew from the after being set up by the media On 11 July. May was appointed party leader later that day and Prime Minister on 13 July.  The establishment , Tory and Civil Service got the PM they wanted one they could easily manipulate. 

A post-contest analysis in The Daily Telegraph noted that the £275,000 contributions to Theresa May's campaign "dwarfed her rivals", and Cameron's original honours list contained the names of two major Conservative party donors who supported May's campaign

 Leadsom said that she would not rule out involving Nigel Farage, then the leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), in Brexit negotiations; the May campaign criticised Leadsom for claimed UKIP links.[17] Leadsom had approached the Johnson campaign with a proposed deal not to run in exchange for being made one of his top three ministers. Johnson agreed to the deal, but was too late in communicating the decision, and Leadsom chose to run for leader.

Leadsom wanted a quick triggering of Article 50. Strategically the correct decision for our country  but clearly undermined by Sir Jeremy

First big mistake, agreeing to EU negotiating time table. Dig in your heels at the  start shows theEU you won't be easily pushed around.

The second huge error was to ask for a transition period handing yet more power to the EU. We should have stuck with the article 50 timetable and played it straight down the line. Asking for variations in an agreed contract gives the other side carte blanche to screw you which is what has happened.Two years was time enough to do the deal.The CBI fat cats are paid huge salaries. Let them show us they are worth their money and do some real management.

I added above para this morning to cover an important omission.

Rather than going for an immediate triggering of Article 59 she delayed a year to to "get her ducks in a row" no doubt persuaded by  Sir Jeremy. This advice would appeal to Mrs May's ultra cautious nature but it also gave the Remainers time to regroup which they exploited to the full. Mrs May of course was herself a Remainer so it could be seen as the first step in betraying Brexit . It was the first of a number of strategic errors from Mrs May

All five candidates for the Conservative leadership had said that they would not call an early general election, relying instead on the Conservative mandate secured at the 2015 election.[19] 

May the reneged on this commitment and held a General Election on 9th June 2017 at which she lost her overall majority and became dependent on the DUP.  Paradoxically the DUP may be the saviour of our country as it cannot be as easily manipulated by Sir Jeremy.

So May is not a woman to be trusted  and given her history is it any wonder she has just betrayed our Fishing Industry to the EU. 

If it smells like sabotage and looks like sabotage then we just have to accept May is a self seeking fifth columnist.

The Remain campaign is now in full cry and will be impossible to stop in my opinion. Thanks to May they have had the time put together s formidable alliance:

Big business led by the CBI
Most of the print media
The Labour party and of course the Lib Dems
The Civil Service

It all goes to show that the decent hardworking people of the UK have again been betrayed by the London based political elite who will ensure we are sold to the EU lock, stock and barrel.

I weep for our country

The Tories will eventually knife and ditch Mrs May but  by then for us it will be too late.Our only hope is the Protestant DUP and the Catholic Rees Mogg..otherwise May will sell us out tot he EU again.

Wednesday, 21 March 2018

Only-by-understanding-islamic-extremism-can-we-defeat-it says the liberal elite

Islam doe not want to integrate into our liberal tolerant society it wants to dominate us and like the EU make us live under their system of law, Sharia in their case, code Napoleon for the EU. We have just seen our PM bow the knee to the EU but with Islam this has been going on for years with Pakistani second and third generation immigrants. Our police  have failed to defend our young girls from Islamic rapist gangs for fear of being accused of  racism. Is it racist to see rape as a crime that transcends race and religion? It is a serious criminal offence. Only murder is worse.

This defeatist attitude is outlined in the piece below.

The liberal elite will not accept that, like the  EU, Islam is not for reforming. Their fanatics will go on killing us as their God says  it will give them entry to their perverted paradise. I thought religious wars were a thing we solved circa 300 years ago. Not so! Our crazy immigration system has ensured our children and grandchildren will have to live with religious fanatics trying to kill them yea unto the 10th generation. 

I and many other ordinary people  understand Islam, its the liberal elite who don't.

Monday, 19 March 2018

Brexit sell out by Tories

For the second time in my lifetime a Tory PM sitting for a London constituency has sold us to the EU.  A country gets the leaders it deserves so we have no one to blame but ourselves as we voted for Heath and May in a free election. Sure its a rigged electoral system with a London centric, BBC dominated, media but compared with other countries its pretty fair.

I worked in the government in 72/73 when may Ministers had great war records but the then  PM, Heath although in the army was a pen pusher during the war. By the 72/73 period the miners had defeated the  craven incompetent Heath and his government had lost faith in our country so aided by his lick spittle MPs sold us to the EEC as the EU then was.

History is now repeating itself with the craven incompetent May selling us out the EU rather than implement the people's referendum vote. and upsetting her EU friends..

On both occasions the 5th column that is HMT| and FCO colluded with a foreign power to sell us down the river.

Only the DUP and the MPs representing Scottish fishermen can now save us from foreign bondage  by voting May's government down. If that brings a Labour government then so be it. What is the point of continuing with a government that will enslave its people to enrich big business and the City fat cats?

Let us have another General Election and put an end to Mrs May and her sorry government. It will at least force the Tories to choose another leader who cannot possibly be worse than T May.

Guido spells out our slave status

"during the transition period, the United Kingdom may negotiate, sign and ratify international agreements... provided those agreements do not enter into force or apply during the transition period, unless so authorised by the Union"

We need to rewrite the words of Rule Brittania to

Britons never never never will be free

Good summary on Twitter:

To sum up @theresa_may, @DavidDavisMP & @Conservatives are surrendering on: Open Borders Migration Defence Fishing Northern Ireland remaining in the SM Taking back control The Leave Date How much we give the EU

Friday, 16 March 2018

How did this lethal nerve agent get to Salisbury ?

The closest place this chemical could have come from is HMG's Porton Down research establishment, 6 miles from Salisbury which and known to hold stocks of the stuff used to try and develop an antidote. I do hope plod have examined the records of stock in, out and used and the movements and records of all the staff who had access to this agent.

Has Mrs May asked this question? If not why not?

Then we have the front page story in today's DT that the agent was planted in the daughter's luggage before she left Moscow. This is easily the most likely explanation but who planted it in the luggage, at Moscow the Russian state or the Russian Mafia? The DT claims that a gift, an item of clothing or cosmetics  could  have been contaminated with this agent. The item would have to have been touched by the daughter or the father or both. These substances generally need skin contact to work but is then easily spread by fingers hence the contamination of the cafe chairs and table and the unfortunate DS. The package must have been opened to work but the only two people who can shed any light on this are unconscious and may not recover.

The aspect of this scenario that worries me most  and I am sure worries Mrs May most is if the luggage containing this stuff had opened in the UK airport terminal there would have been mass slaughter. I think of the rigmarole of going thru airport security taking off your belt shoes etc all rendered useless by the simple expedient of planting a small amount of odourless powder in a suitcase. Sniffer dogs detect drugs but can they detect nerve agents or like canaries in mines die in the line of duty.

I am quite sure airport security will be tightened after but how effective will it be? Mainly cosmetic is my view. We will never know who planted the agent. Again the terrorist are one step ahead and we are fighting the last war ie terrorists blowing up airliners. These nerve agents could shut destroy a whole airport but don't worry Jezza will negotiate whilst Rome burns.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Why were chemical nerve agents used in the UK at this time?

The Russians have seen how easily the EU has bullied us and how weak our response has been. Putin is a bully and bullies like to kick people when they are down.. The problem is we just lie down and allow Barnier, Juncker and now the arch bully Selmayr to kick us. Selmayr's grandfather was one of Hitler's generals, sentenced to 15 years for war crimes in 1950 and mysteriously pardoned. Why?

This is  the price we are paying for Soubry and her ilk undermining T May, the weak and wobbly one. Putin has chosen to attack the EU at is weakest spot. Are we in the EU? Well we are certainly not out of it and if Soubry and Hammond have their way we will never leave the EU and will continue to be Putin's softest target.

Putin is a very good chess player and clearly sees us as the weak spot in the NATO defence of Western Europe so that is   why we are being attacked. I have played chess against enough Russians to know how they think. Putin's tactics are spot on for Russia to further its aims and his people will be right behind him. You cannot say that about our weak and divided nation. To achieve national unity we  need to leave the EU on 30th March next year. Asking for a 'transition'period as May has done is a huge strategic mistake showing our weakness and internal divisions . Putin the chess player sees this all too clearly. Our BBC led political elite are  blind to this danger and driven by their financial self interest linked to wealthy London based Russsians with children at English public schools. Kidnapping next?

Monday, 12 March 2018

May is a weak and silly woman

Today May made a statement in the HoC saying it was likely Putin/Russia was behind the Salisbury nerve agent attack  . She produced no evidence to support her assertion other than this chemical is made in Russia. Putin's rebuttal came from his expert who pointed out this stuff was made in around 10 other countries. This may or may not be true but it certainly shows May as ill informed. Worse May managed to make Corbyn look  statesmanlike something that was unthinkable a year ago.

I listened to Farage's LBC  phone in on this topic this evening. The clear view as NF pointed out was that no one now believed anything the UK political elite said on the topic. This shows how successful Soubry and her chums have been in undermining the Brexit negotiating position and credibility of our government. They are probably congratulating themselves on their great political victory but its like the boy who cried wolf.  We will need at some point to trust and back our political leaders but when faith in the leadership has been eroded it is impossible  to get it back and will suffer and have to pay the price. for Soubry's selfish and self indulgent behaviour since Cameron sacked her. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Lib Dem Cable plays racist and ageist cards

The Lib Dems wallow in the gutter of  racism and ageism in their pathetic attempts to get votes   by misrepresenting the views of ordinary decent people expressed in our Referendum vote last June. Click above to read the BBC report of the geriatric Cable's crude  attempts to make political capital out of these two disgusting isms which are not  true.

The Lib Dems are such slimy  hypocrites. The ordinary decent people of the UK of all ages are not racist but to further their unscrupulous pursuit of votes at any price the Lib Dems are trying to portray them as such. Worse, for the same reason, they are trying to set young against old. People of my generation voted in the Referendum  not for selfish reasons but to try and make it a better country for our children. To suggest otherwise is a despicable calumny on a whole generation who rebuilt our country after WWII.