Thursday, 17 April 2014

Farage pigeons coming home in the Times

As Del Young, David Abbott and I predicted over 5 years ago that if UKIP ever became a threat to the established parties Farage's behaviour would be used to damage UKIP electorally. This is what is now happening. The Times is now running a UKIP damaging campaign on Farage's expenses. mI cannot link to the Times as Murdoch does not give free copy but if you look at the Times yesterday and today Farage's expenses are their front page lead. The Telegraph picked up on the story today, not front page but a significant spread inside.

Farage appears to think he has achieved BoJo status and can ignore and/or laugh off all personal criticism. Farage you're no BoJo! Boris is a well educated intelligent humerous man. Farage is a boring bloke in the pub.

Today's Times front page was headlined, "UKIP blocked questions over party's funding". At a UKIP meeting in Bromley Farage allegedly called a senior female UKIP official " a stupid woman" and told her to "shut up" for asking for an audit of party finances. What is stupid about that? Its not that UKIP are short of stupid women. There were a number on the NEC supporting Farage who fitted that description.

I reproduce the whole Times piece below copied from Richard North's  EU Referendum blog.

 UKIP: The Times's Ode to Farage 

 Wednesday 16 April 2014

000a Times-016 UKIPcash.jpg

Totally unmoved by the squealing of the Farage Party in response to yesterday's attackThe Timeswas back in action again earlier today, with yet another front page attack piece on the nation's favourite protest party.

Before getting stuck into the details (which we will have to, because the paywall precludes most people seeing the detail for themselves), one has to look at the bigger picture. And here, one must observe that what goes on the front page as the lead story is a top-line editorial decision. For this to happen twice in succession is a studied decision. Such things do not happen by accident.

When, as we saw with yesterday's story (although less so today) content was thin, and the target a minor political figure, leader of a "populist" political party, this is not normal news reporting. There is an agenda at play. And it was to that which I was alluding yesterday, a point lost on some of my regular ex-readers, who see any reference to Farage on this blog as yet more evidence of North's rabid hatred of him, for grounds which are quite irrational.

Part of what is happening here, it seems, is a determination to bring Farage down. And, little do UKIP members know it (or begin to agree), but the best thing that could happen to their party is for the paper to succeed.  It it doesn't, then Farage will bring the Party down.

To an extent, the piece of the day does make it clear, that the paper in gunning for Farage, headed as it was, "UKIP blocked questions over party's EU funding". In so doing, it tells a familiar (to us) tale of how "members were silenced, ignored or forced out of the party after questioning its use of EU allowances and donations". Farage and other senior UKIP officials, it appears, "traduced colleagues who raised concerns about how the party handled millions of pounds in funds".

This, of course, we didn't need The Times to tell us. Again and again, we've been pointing out all manner of things amiss in UKIP but, in the manner of people who simply don't want to know, the members attack the messenger rather than the message. Even my repeating charges made by others is treated as evidence of my "rabid hatred". 

Nevertheless, for those who will allow themselves to be informed, we hear that Mr Farage called a senior female UKIP official a "stupid woman" and told her to "shut up" when she asked for an independent audit into party finances. This was according to Delroy Young, once UKIP's only black executive. However, he is not the most sympathetic of persons, which has allowed UKIP official to trash his character, as indeed they have attempted to do with mine.

We also learn that another member was "allegedly physically threatened", which is entirely in character for Farage. Those who have been close to him know full well that he is a vicious, vindictive bully, who will stop at nothing to get his way.

But now we have still more that UKIP members can ignore, and put down to "smears", as they close their minds to the true nature of their leader, preferring instead the image he presents to the world.

Never mind that six former party officials have alleged that Mr Farage presided over a party that reacted furiously to any questioning of its financial affairs. After leaving UKIP in 2008, Delroy Young claimed that he received a telephone death threat, allegedly on the orders of a senior UKIP party executive. At the time, UKIP denied that anyone in the party ordered the threat – as indeed you would expect.

Young has told The Times that Mr Farage had a habit of going "berserk" whenever anyone asks questions about money. And that he goes "berserk" I know to be true. I've seen this with my own eyes, and it is not a pretty sight. But that is the dark side of Farage that he keeps well-hidden from the public and gushing girlie reporters.

Says Young, in 2006 he joined five other UKIP national executive committee (NEC) members to call for "an immediate internal audit of the party finances by members of the NEC with full disclosure".The NEC members were reacting to concerns over the use of MEP allowances as well as to questions about donations raised through a UKIP call centre in Kent. Mr Farage has said that the Ashford call centre raised at least £400,000 over three years.

That money subsequently went "missing" and despite strenuous attempts to trace its whereabouts, the fate of the Ashford money remains a mystery - and any inquiries about it are met with hostility and the most violent of reactions.

At a UKIP meeting in Bromley, a female committee member attempted to ask Mr Farage about the Ashford and MEPs' expenses. It was then that Farage is said to have shouted at her, "Shut up you stupid woman". Young, who was at the meeting, said. "He went berserk".

Ian Gillman, a former member of UKIP's NEC, said that he had also raised questions about what happened to the Ashford money, as well as about funds raised through the sale of lottery tickets. Gillman described a meeting of the party's East Midlands committee in March 2008 at which he highlighted his concerns. for his trouble, he was "physically threatened" by a party official in the presence of Derek Clark MEP.

"I never raised my voice, I just persisted with question after question about where our money had gone", says Gillman. "The official made threats to take me outside the room and beat me up. He darted a ballpoint pen at my eye [and] said how dare you ask these questions". Gillman says that he was asked to leave the meeting and thrown off the committee. And in what is an entirely typical response, he was subsequently targeted with a spam email attack by the same party official.

Needless to say, a UKIP official disputes Gillman's account. On behalf of their master, currently employed UKIP officials always do – until they too sicken and, weary of the lies, break away to join the growing ranks of the "whistleblowers". Then the UKIP spin machine moves into action, dripping its vitriol, lies and smears.

Yet Tony Ellwood, who worked as Clark's political researcher for several years, was also present at the meeting and corroborates Gillman's account. Ellwood said that in 2006 he was asked to reconcile the national party's accounts and found that 95 percent of its funds were being withdrawn as cash for unknown purposes.

He said that he had "kept quiet" in order to keep his job, but after witnessing the way Gillman had been treated, he confronted Mr Clark about alleged financial irregularities. Ellwood said the MEP "lost his temper" and told him to resign.

And that's the way UKIP works. You either close ranks and worship the leader, or you're out. There's no messing, and no halfway house. And once you have been removed, by whatever means,  the "briefings" start. And there are plenty of the faithful prepared to believe the slanderous murmurings, repeating them uncritically at every opportunity. I should know - I've been on the receiving end of this treatment for over a decade.

The Times, though, is immune to the blandishment of the UKIP faithful. Their journalists have seen a letter from Bruce Lawson, a former national treasurer, to Farage in 2008 urging him to resign as UKIP's leader. Lawson, who suggested that Farage remain as the party's top MEP in Brussels, said he was "wholly uncomfortable" with how UKIP MEPs received allowances and "where those monies go".

Lawson sent Farage an attached document called: "MEPs' Pay and Expenses — Who wants to be a Millionaire", noting that, "MEPs [get] an office allowance of about £30,000. No receipts are required".

In this document, he added: "Some MEPs use it to pay an extra £660 a month into their pension plans from their office expenses money. In theory they are then supposed to reimburse this money from their salaries, but everyone relies on the MEPs' honesty. There are no checks that any of them actually do repay this money".

As is customary in newspaper pieces, a UKIP spokesman was asked for a comment, and responded: "These historic allegations come from a few very unimpressive people that UKIP attracted years ago and who were gradually weeded out".

That is both characteristic and indicative of a UKIP response, attacking the accusers rather than dealing with what they have to say. But amongst those "historic allegations" is the charge that over £400,000 of members' money went missing and, to this day, has not been properly (or at all) accounted for.

But, if you are on the inside, you complain about its activities, and of Farage, at your peril. And, from the outside, you become one of those "unimpressive people that UKIP attracted years ago and who were gradually weeded out".

This "unimpressive person", however, is unimpressed. And so is The Times, read by hundreds of thousands of people. The faithful may stick their fingers in their ears and close their eyes, singing "Ode to Farage" at the tops of their voices, but the fact is that TGL's days are numbered. This is only the start.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Farage & mistress allegations

click to see it on HIGNY clip

I gather there was an Annabelle Fuller story in the Sunday Times as well.

The great British public will only take so much of this sort of thing before consigning Farage and his party to the fruitcake & loony bin. As Maureen Lipman, she off ology fame, wrote to the Telegraph letters page, 'Farage should enrol in a theatre studies course and learn properly how to be a comic'. Pity about all the poor UKIPers he has taken in over the years.

Saturday, 12 April 2014

How the political elite perpetuates it self over the generations

One of the worst features of the British electoral system is the 'safe' seat. Both Labour and Tories have them. In such seats a monkey wearing the right coloured rosette can be voted in with a stonking 10000+ majority. Its a job for life. There is no test of performance for this monkey other than it votes as the party whips direct at all times.

Elections are won and lost in so called marginal sets where majorities are less than 2000 votes. These seats change hands frequently and determine which party will form the next government. The fate of these seats can thus be determined by 1000 voters, swing voters and if you assume an average government majority of 50 then you can see our government is detrmined by the views of around 50000 or so voters. The political parties know this and their whole pitch and effort is aimed at this chosen  50000.

The political elite detest this uncertainty after all if replicated in safe seats they might end up out of a job in 5 years or less. This obviously threatens the whole fabric of our elites political life so therefore they seek to be candidates in safe seats and leave the others to the mugs.

But how does one get a safe seat? Well it helps if Daddy was an MP. This operates spectactularly well even in the party of equal opportunity, the Labour party.

Look at the potential candidates for safe Labour seats:

Stephen Kinnock son of the Welsh windbag former EU commissioner Neil and his MEP wife Glennys and husband of the current Danish PM Helle Thorning Schmidt. Two daughters currently being educated semi privately in Copenhagen. He has been adopted as Labour candidate for Aberavon, Labour majority in 2010 11000, 51% of the vote. As befits a true socialist the Danish tax authorities take a close interest in Mr Kinnock's tax returns.

Will Straw, son of Jack Straw former Home Secretary and pillar of the Labour party selected to fight Rossendale and Darwen, a Tory marginal majority 4,500. Something wrong here surely? Daddy's old seat Blackburn, Labour majority 10000,  has an all woman shortlist presumably in tribute to Jack's predecessor and former boss Barbara Castle. The only way in for young Will is to play the Jack Dromey card and marry Harriet Harman who helped her hubby get selected and elected for the Erdington. after a brief flirtation with all women short lists

Most lately there is Euan Blair seeking Bootle, majority 21000. The current incumbent is 81 but wants to avail himself of his job for life. Rumour is he will be eased out and son of Blair eased in.

Finally, the Times reports today one David Prescott, son of two Jags is seeking a Labour seat. He was unsuccessful lately at Greenwich but he will persist.

The Chinese have a name for these people, princes and princesses! All it does is perpetuate the political elite which has done such harm to our country. RIP Wedgie Benn your dynasty goes on.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Another big lie UKIP must nail.

One of the stock ansewers you get from Labour in particular is they won't talk about Europe because all the polls show it ranks about 10th in the list of topics important to "hard working families". Schools, hospitals housing etc is what they want to talk about and of course the cost of living.

There has been a political failure on UKIP's part to explain to the British people how these topics are deeply influenced by Brussels. Scarcely surprising in a party with the belted  Earl of Dartmouth seeking to make money out of wind farming on his land, wealthy East Anglian barley baron farmers and nouveau riche EU millionaires in its list of Farage remaining MEPs.

Schools are hugely affected by immigration from the EU. Would you like your kids Mr Cameron to be taught in a school where over 50% of their fellow pupils can't speak English and are not Christians? Did not happen in Eton College former pupil the Earl of Dartmouth or Dulwich College former pupil N Farage.

What about hospitals where junior doctors because of the European Working Time directive  have to work a silly shift system that pays no attention to patient's care or needs and needs an army of managers to ensure it cannot work. In France they just ignore it but in the UK where every secon employee seems to be a manager is a job creation programme worthy of the old USSR.

Then there is housing, poor born in the UK, worked in the UK for years two kids and need a house? EU says you must compete on a level playing field with EU migrants who have been here for 3 months. Council diversity quotas ensure Johnny EU immigrant gets his rights in housing.

How about food? Why is it so expensive? Well its the EU CAP that does that. If we were out of the EU and able to buy from our former suppliers, New Zealand, Australia, Canada etc UK food prices would drop by about 30%. Now that would help the poorest in our society!

Want to compete at sub minimum wage levels for a job. There are plenty of East Europeans who do. And as EU unemployment rises especially for the young they head to where the jobs are, treasure island, the UK. No job? No problem register for benefits and social housing.

Got a bit drunk on your foreign holiday? Go to EU jail, no hearing no charges , nothing just an EU arrest warrant filled out by the local police.

The list goes on and on. UKIP have to nail this lie asap.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Fuller figure casts a big shadow over Farage

Saturday's Times, p2, runs a piece headlined, " Farage's alleged lover 'made false sex claims against Tory' ".  The Tory in question is Andrew Bridgen whom she alleges 'inappropriately touched her in his flat at Westminster'. Mr Bridgen threatened to sue her for ludicrous and false allegations. She fled from the flat barefooted taking Mr Bridgen's Westminster pass and Blackberry with her. She subsequently withdrew her allegations conceding her behaviour could have been construed as flirting.

It is a fantastic story similar to the tale of her laptop with John West's confidential interview on it being left by her  in a London taxi, returned to her flat 48 hours later with the interview being put up on the internet from Morocco. There are also tales of unflattering emails concerning UKIP poster girl Diane James of Eastleigh by-election fame.

It now is reported in the Times that the police are looking at whether she stole the pass and Blackberry from Mr Bridgen.

So why is this story resurfacing now? Well, one Jasna Badzak, a former UKIP press officer and candidate  has brought them up along with allegations of financial irregularities. Ms Badruk worked for UKIP MEP Gerard Batten and was recently convicted of defrauding Batten out of £3000 and given a 12 month suspended sentence. She is now appealing this conviction.

For those of you unfamiliar with Ms Fuller click on link to see her protecting Godders Bloom.

The Daily Mail has also had a go at the Fuller Farage relation ship, click on link to read:

Jasna Basnak is also described in the Mail.

I do not understand why men in public life chose to work with Ms Fuller & Ms Jaznak. At the least it calls into question their judgement of who they employ and has implications for their judgement in  political ad other matters.

Look at another link to see what I mean.

Here is a quote from the New Statesman on how North Korea functions. Could be written about Farage and the cabal

Steve Richards has written in the New Statesman about the mood of paranoia and suspicion around Ed Miliband. His fearfully supportive team resembles the North Korean inner circle daring not to offer even constructive criticism of their dear leader:
“Miliband’s staff are loyal to him personally but in their determined or fearful supportiveness there is little space for critical candour. Nearly all those who work for Miliband are dependent on his patronage. He chose them and they are pleased to be close to him. They do not want to say things that he does not want to hear. The contrast with Tony Blair’s office is marked. Blair had to plead with Alastair Campbell to join him, going out to see him while Campbell was on holiday in France as part of the energetic wooing process. Campbell could be brutally candid because he knew Blair wanted him so much. Other advisers, such as Peter Mandelson, had been senior to Blair in the 1980s. They, too, could be ruthlessly or constructively critical, sometimes both. This does not happen very much in Miliband’s office; indeed, the opposite can happen. I am told that sometimes his staff applaud him when he returns from making a mediocre speech.”
Shame he doesn’t have the cult of personality to go with it…

Thursday, 3 April 2014

We should all be grateful to Putin

In life sometimes not getting what you want turns out best for your interests. Many years ago I knew a Yank banker, George, who worked for a major US bank in London who was trying to put together a very big loan for a US corporate. We were having lunch one Sunday at his very posh flat by Marble Arch. He kept on dashing out to take phone calls related to this loan. The last time he came back crestfallen and said the loan was dead as Onassis has just pulled out of the deal. He reckoned that would cost him a lot of bonus money. We left soon after.

The company he was going to lend to was Penn Central railroad and two days later it went bust and defaulted on its loans. Onassis actually saved George's career!

I opine Putin is our Onassis. He stopped us getting involved in Syria saving us money, material and most important the lives of our young men. We could not do any good in Syria which is in a state of civil war. Preening politicians like Clegg who want to have 'clout' - a Russian term - and want to walk tall on the world stage get other people's sons and daughters killed whilst they stay safe in Brussels

As David Starkey pointed out  freeing France from German rule in 1944 got us nothing but the undying hatred of the French. I remember one Eurocrat around 1980 telling me France had been liberated by the Free French forces. Incredible! The only thing they did was to march up the Champs Elysee after Paris had been liberated by the Yanks and British Commonwealth forces. When De Gaulle was having one of his many delusions of grandeur, left NATO, and demanded all US troops should be withdrawn from the sacred soil of  France the US Secretary of State simply asked what do we do about the ones in the cemeteries?

Farage was right to point out the good aspects of Putin's actions. The claim that Putin could have stopped the civil war in Syria with a single telephone call to Assad is a LibConLab fantasy that shows how out of touch Clegg, Cameron & Ashdown are.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Farage wins debate hands down

There were two polls conducted immediately after the debate. Both made Farage the winner by more than 2 to 1.

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There was some evidence of BBC bias with Clegg allowed to rabbit on and talk over Farage and once when Farage was talking they cut away to an audience member shaking his head in disagreement.

It was an excellent result for Farage and UKIP. Let us hope it is reflected in the European elections and the LibDems are wiped out.

Farage can strengthen his point on Putin by stating the truth that Putin effectively stopped war monger Clegg and my neighbour Ashdown getting more of our young men killed in a dispute which is none of our business and where our involvement would be counter productive.

Farage's killer point came at the end when he said, "Nick nobody believes you". That resonates with the UK public who asked for a single word to describe Clegg say liar.

The UK public want to hear UKIP's common man message and conversely don't want to listen to more careerist identikit politicians like Clegg.

Farage was clearly going after the white and Afro Carribean working class vote. I hope he succeeds.

Farage kept his cool, rose above the Clegg personal insults re his MEP salary and did himself and UKIP a power if good.

It would have been better to keep Nuttall off the TV and leave the talking to O'Flynn. Not everyone is enraptured by a scouse accent. I t has overtures of militant trade unionism. O'Flynn is also a whole lot smarter than Nuttall.