Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Australian immigration rules are strictly enforced and supported by their leaders

Today Farage made a big speech on immigration clling for us to adopt Australian immigration rules in the UK. I agree we should but its not just Oz rules we need its their political leaders honesty and support of robust enforcement of their very sensible rules. let us start by listening to Farage,

Now read Julia Gillard's speech on Muslim immigrants in Oz

Gillard is herself an immigrant from Wales who created quite a stir when she marrried her hairdresser.

Here is an alternative report on her views

Note how she explicitly mentiond the perfect right of Oz security to monitor the activities of these immigrants when they are perceived as a threat to the Oz way of life.

Another Oz PM, John Howard, has similar views trenchantly expressed below,

I visited Australia  5 years ago when Gillard made that speech. Oz is in many ways similar to the UK I grew up in during the 1950s. Their border controls are very tight, in and out, and rigorously enforced. They welcome immigrants who are prepared to sign up to the Australian way of life. They invite Muslims who want to  live under Sharia Law to go back where they came from with the phrase, "We did not ask you to come and you are always free to leave to go to your Islamic paradise". In many Muslim countries a woman needs the written permisssion of her husband to leave the country!

The latest Oz PM Rudd makes it clear its Muslim Terrorists they are targetting. This has met with the usual Muslim response of a witchunt but the Aussies are not as soft as we are and they are  not giving any creance to these Terrorist apologists as our C4 does incessently.

So Mr Farage changing the rules is fine but its enforcing the rules thats difficult. Let us hear what Farage has to say on that..

Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Whose side is Farage on? What has happened with Diane James?

Its a funny way to run a campaign. First Farage declares on national TV that he does not have what it takes to be PM. That's great ammo for the Tories. Why vote for a party UKIP whose leader confesses he is not up to being PM? If he really believes that he should step aside and let those who can, like Carswell, lead the party. Farage is promoting the UKIP loony fruit cake image which the media  laps  up. He does not want UKIP to be a serious political party. That creates unremunerated hard work for Farage.He wants the celebrity but not the hard graft of politics. Celebrity without work or responsbility is his credo.

Then there is the strange case of the missing manifesto with Suzanne Evans traduced on national TV by Farage for getting it wrong. This is the treatment meted out to all UKIP spokesmen when Farage cannot explain UKIP policy. Farage would be out of his depth in a car park puddle.

And what is going on with Diane James who almost won in Eastleigh just over a year ago? She surely should have been selected as UKIP PPC for Eastleigh. But no, she was "selected" for North West Hampshire, Andover to you and me George Young's old seat, one of the safest Tory seats in the country with a Tory majority over 19,000. Perhaps Mrs James was pushed into this unwinnable seat and rightly has decided to jump. Her decision to resign as UKIP PPC for family reasons smacks of excuse rather than reason. I do not blame her. UKIP will be the loser but that is the last of Farage's concerns.

What on earth was going on with Farage's denial on National TV that he had health problems? That simply adds more grist to the Tory mill and moves Nigel up to top of the list for a seat on red leather post 7th May.

Things cannot go on like this Carswell, Reckless or O'Flynn must step in as leader. Farage's loyalty and interest lie with his lucrative, EU funded  pan European party and TV appearances. Some day the UKIP faithful may realise this. They currently have a leader who admits he is not up to being PM and has possible health problems otherwise why did he bring up the subject of his health?

Its not a campaign its a shambles.

Sunday, 1 March 2015

BBC Question Time fiddles

Note how at the recent Finchley QT the voluble excitable Zionists all seemed to be seated together.

Embedded image permalink

The guy in the blue/green shirt looks a bit like Hugo Rifkind, son of soon to be exMP  Malcolm Rifkind.

Am I correct?

Saturday, 28 February 2015

Thanet Election odds and opinion polls

The Ladbroke's odds quoted by the man from Wolf Hall translate to probabilities of winning the seat as follows

UKIP    65%
Tory      22%
Labour  10%
Publican 1%
Lib Dem 1%

The most recent poll of 1000 respondents funded by ex-bookie & Farage supporter Al Bown and published in the Express (where else!) gave voting intentions as follows

UKIP    39%
Tory      27%
Labour  27%
Publican 1%
Lib Dem 1%
Greens    3%

Given the maths involved in going from a vote percentage to a winner I won't try and reproduce the calculations here but take my word for it these results are in agreement.

The opinion poll shows the only danger to Farage would be tactical voting by Tories voting Labour or vice versa. Both groups are so tribal in their loyalties either scenario is very unlikely so Farage will be safe.

Greens don't appear in the Ladbroke odds derived figures as the bookies think their chance of winning is zilch

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Real politik hits Farage & the EU

A good piece by Tim Montgomerie in today's Times reiterates the two points I have made on the Thanet South election. Firstly Farage will not win it with the academic run Election Forecast website making the Tories 95% certain to retain the seat. Secondly if other better UKIP candidates win say 5 seats then the UKIP power centre will shift to Westminster and Farage will have to resign as leader and take his selling platers like Nuttall and embarassments like Seymour with him. This will give UKIP a real chance to turn into a proper political party with decent spokesmen like Stephen Woolfe today on the Daily Politics who might be able to get us out of the EU.

That's Farage's dose of real politik but he has of course been an expensive  serial loser of fptp elections these last 20 years so he will have his excuses well prepared.

The EU and the US have just woken up to the fact that all Putin has to do to take the Ukraine is turn off the gas. Its just like China's Hong Kong conquest just by turning off the water supply which Thatcher acknowledged was game set and match to the communists. That's the EU's dose of political reality.

If that was not enough Richard North in his blog today click below to read

Sure the Yanks have been stupid with their show of non force but read the description of Russia latest battle tank.

I quote from Richard's blog.

Developed by the Uralvagonzavod Research and Production Corporation, the tank version (T-14) sports an unmanned remotely controlled turret, armed with a brand new 125 mm 2A82-1M smoothbore gun. Its muzzle energy is greater than one of the world's previously considered best tank guns: the German Leopard-2 Rheinmetall 120mm. 

Significantly, it is also equipped with a 30mm cannon capable of dealing with various targets, including low-flying helicopters, together with a 12.5 mm rotary machine gun, reportedly capable of taking out incoming projectiles, such as anti-tank missiles and even anti-tank shells at speeds approaching 3,000 meters per second. Presumably, it is equipped with sensors similar to those used in the Israeli Trophy system.

The Russians have already delivered 20 units for training purposes, but this is territory into which we do not want to venture. The UK is reliant on 20-year-old Challenger 2 tanks and the very last thing we need is an expensive re-equipment programme. Matching Russian capabilities could cost us billions.

Remember it was the Russians that in WWII produced a tank to defeat Hitler's Panzers! Putin has not forgotten.

I would be therefore stupid for us to get involved defending the UKraine, a war we cannot win like Afghanistan. Let us hope Red Ed knows his real politik!

Monday, 23 February 2015

UKIP drops to 11% in the latest Ashcroft Poll

ASHCROFT blue shirt
Labour’s lead is up from one to four points in this week’s Ashcroft National Poll, conducted over the past weekend. The party’s 36 per cent share is the highest recorded in the ANP since July, while the UKIP share of 11 per cent is the lowest I have yet found in my national polling. The Conservatives are up two points on 32 per cent, the Liberal Democrats down two at 7 per cent, and the Greens and the SNP unchanged at 8 per cent and 4 per cent respectively.
Despite prompting for UKIP in the main voting intention question at the beginning of 2015, I have generally found lower scores for the party this year than last – indeed UKIP’s share in published polls more generally has drifted down since its height last autumn. My qualitative research suggests two possible reasons for this. Most importantly, undecided voters increasingly (and spontaneously) say they know where UKIP stand on immigration and Europe but at a general election they want to vote for someone with more to offer. Some also wonder whether unpleasant or even sinister elements lurk behind the reasonable and entertaining Mr Farage, a suspicion that may have been reinforced over the last few days. We will see as further polls are published whether this effect persists in the coming days and weeks.

Like Ashcroft I opine the Thanet loony effect I wote of earlier is starting to bite.

UKIP Thanet South

I have just watched the UKIP Thanet South party showing how politically naive they are.

Their so called PR person, Liz Langton, arranged for her and her hubby to be videoed against the background of their collection of clowns.

Was she oblivious to the message that sends out? The BBC want to show them and UKIP as a party of clowns and she duely obliged.

Visiting UKIP MEP Janice Atkinson was taped referring to a Thai supporter as “a ting tong from somewhere”, well that's par for the course for Nigel's hand picked MEPs!

Then there was the UKIP District Councillor, Rozanne Duncan below who is now ex UKIP as a result of her on TV confession that she had a problem with negroes.

Click below to watch this PR disaster

Let us not forget Thanet UKIP  Party Chairman and former member of the National Front Martin Heale

He is a long time Farage associate which is I presume why he is still allowed in UKIP. He has run failed election campaigns before so is well qualified for UKIP.

I know a number of honest decent people kicked out, or  proscribed from UKIP on the grounds of false smears of membership of the NF, BNP or even the clearly non-racist UK First but if the cult leader smiles on you then you are untouchable. Its a bit like Wolf Hall without the good looking women.

It was touching to see the naive ordinary members describing UKIP's tolerance of non Farage views and its democracy. They have obviously never met or worked with Nigel Farage. Fair hearings just don't happen in UKIP, stich ups are preferred.

I had a visit last summer from Godders pal Michael Crick complete with camera crew to interview me about UKIP's doings. That was followed up by a number of phone calls fromm BBC journo Connor Spackman to support their Paronama programme. Their agenda was quite clear, they wanted me to give them a racist quote. They were both sadly disappointed.

Yet its me and Del Young who are vilified by the anonymous smear brigade as UKIP traitors! Complete lies! Del and me were never caught by the media 's attempts to smear UKIP as racist but there are Farage annointed MEPs and District Councillors who have fallen too easily into the media traps. Del and I are both of course now UKIP proscribed people for getting it right.

PS This is what the BBC love. I am grateful for the critique

Rod Liddle on the 3 muslim brats that ran off to join the IS death & murder cult, he aint buying into the whole BBC stooge/media portrayal of the girls being poor innocent victims at all:
"Are you terribly worried about those three London ‘schoolgirls’ who have gone off to fight for the Islamic State in Syria? I must admit I haven’t lost an awful lot of sleep over it. The BBC ran the story at interminable length on Sunday night, the implication seeming to be that we should strain every sinew to get the poor mites back home to their loving and undoubtedly well-integrated community. I don’t think they should be allowed back in any way, as it happens. And by and large, the more similarly disposed Muslims who feel an attraction to Isis actually go to Syria, the better, frankly. Or is this callous and unfeeling of
Without a shred of evidence to support their case the BBC/stooge media is claiming that everyone except the security services is wholly innocent of everything, only the security services are to blame for everything. The grovelling and crawling from the BBC/stooge media is puke inducing, its like a fanatical reaction to protect muslims from their own culpability for anything they choose to do.
Being muslim in the UK is now a responsibility free zone where they can do whatever they please and they are not only not held accountable but actively protected by the stooge media and cartel establishment.

Just to show balance I can't resist this on TV today from Edinburgh's leading Jew, Malcolm Rikind educated at George Watson's

Sir Malcolm Rifkind:
“I want to have a standard of living that my professional background would normally entitle me to have.”

To see the full confession click on link below

Perhaps time to get out of ‘public service’ then, Sir Malcolm…

 I fear even this will not stop him entering the HoL to join the many other Jews and Muslims already there.