Sunday, 29 June 2014

Juncker is our best chance of leaving the EU

I have long been of the opinion that the EU is our best ally in trying to leave the EU, The selection of the mid European, federalist Juncker to head the EU commission will do wonders for our cause. Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves! Ever closer union will speed up under Juncker as will UK exit. Farage will claim the credit but it would be best if he just shut up and let Herr Juncker get on with our departure.

Friday, 27 June 2014

UKIP flaws exposed on Question Time

I rarely watch QT neither the panel, except when Starkey or Melanie Philips are on,  or  the audience are worth listening to however by accident I viewed last night's edition.  Paul Nuttall, UKIP's deputy leader and Farage toady was on. He was dreadful, a typical member of the cabal.

Nuttall illustrated the low quality of  UKIP MEPs. He even managed to make John Prescott look and sound like an intellectual heavyweight. The Islamic gent ran rings round him as did the former NoW executive editor. Poor intellect is a UKIP MEP characteristic but that is only one of UKIP's many flaws.

The Tory, Anna Soubry, former Tory student activist and TV media person annihilated Nuttall on his poor attendance record at Brussels and thus his failure to 'represent' his constituents. She rebuffed the Bootle boy's waffle by asking him to return his salary as he was not doing the job.

When I was on the SW MEP list I knew this was an inevitable line of attack the LibLabCons would use. In my 2008 hustings address I stated I would not take the EU bribe of an MEP salary but if forced to I would send it to UKIP. (I did say I would take the expenses I incurred in any trips I felt I had to make to Brussels.) I was vilified for this by the EU money driven UKIP cabal and I have no doubt it was a significant factor in my being driven out of UKIP.

It was a no brainer for me. I had seen how the Gerry Adams led IRA had avoided being tainted by British gold and kept faith with their cause leading to their eventual victory. UKIP at the top is dominated by carpetbaggers whom the EU have bought and controlled.

Sending MEPs to Brussels legitimises and supports the EU. It was a huge political mistake which will eventually eat up UKIP. Judas is forever linked to the 30 pieces of silver the Romans paid him to betray Jesus. The rotten money driven UKIP cabal have given the Europhiles all they need to crucify our cause.

"O tempora o mores"

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Business as usual in Brussels. UKIP? What UKIP?

With his large motley army of MEPs Farage has advanced on Brussels. It has achieved nothing.  He has not even fought a preliminary skirmish at Quatre Bras like Wellington did 199 years ago. Farage's army is nowhere to be seen. Its like every World Cup since 1066. Brits make a lot of noise, paint their faces, travel out in triumph and then the Germans win on penalties.

It was the same in 1815 at Waterloo whose 199th anniversary it is tomorrow 18th June. Then the big pre-victory celebration was the Duchess of Richmond's ball (memo to Nigel best make Annabelle a Duchess it adds class which UKIP lacks) The ball was just warming up when at midnight the sneeky Frogs crossed the border and advanced on Brussels. The soon to be Iron Duke marched out at the head of his MEPs and got duffed up by the Frogs for the next 7 hours or so but in the nick of time the Germans arrived, stuck the ball in the back of the net and we had a famous victory that we could name railway stations etc after and so rub the Frog's noses in it for the next 200 years.

Worse the nasty Brits captured the Frog's team manager Napper Bonoparte and sent him off to St Helena where they don't play football so Napper died of boredom very conveniently for the Brits. The French have been after revenge for this for the last 200 years. Cunningly they have turned the Germans to support them and to inflict on the Iron Duke's successor, D Cameron OE aka Flashman, Herr Juncker who is a bully any English public school would be proud to call their own.. A case of our Eurobattles being lost on the playing fields of Eton perhaps?

Farage's very own Old Etonian the belted Earl of Dartmouth has not even got on the pitch and team manager Nigel is nowhere to be seen. As they say Nige if you can't beat them join them and you joined them a long time ago but you wisely didn't tell anyone!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

How many more financial skeletons in UKIP's closet?

I was away in France so I did not find out the details of Farage's failure to declare a benefit in kind of £200 k as he was required to do under electoral law. Link below is to the Daily Mail story but all the papers ran it.

I was kicked off my elected position on UKIP's NEC over 5 years ago for asking questions about UKIP's finances compliannce with electoral law. The Mail story covers the last 10 years so includes my period on UKIP NEC. I was concerned as along with the other elected members I carried unlimited joint and several responsibility arising from any UKIP failure to comply with electoral law. Farage and the cabal had not realised this so I was amused to see the haste they moved to a limited liablity company after I had been kicked off.

A breech of electoral law is a criminal not a civil offence so even a limited liablity does not confer safety from personal responsibility. I felt I had only started to scratch the surface of this mess when I was kicked off the NEC by the cabal. It is now clear that the Electoral Commission and the press corps are going to take a great interest in UKIP's financial past in the run up to next year's General Election. What was a fringe party 5 years ago is now seen as a threat to the UK political establishment who will react viciciously. Can UKIP withstand such scrutiny? I doubt it.

What about all these new MEPs of Farage's new model professional party? Are their pasts squeeky clean? Will they be able to withstand the lure of EU lucre. Remember Farage has been on the EU payroll, salary and allowances these last 15 years and will have a large EU pension to comfort him in his retirement but not all will be so well provided for. Beans will be spilt eventually.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Annabelle Fuller in today's Telegraph plus G Fawkes pics

With a picture that the old buffers can peruse and judge. She appears to be claiming she has some mental health problems. She previously made allegations about  aTory MP. Ms Fuller seems to like appearing in the print media but she is obviously not Mrs Farage's cup of tea.

Read the piece for youself:

More Farage top totty from Guido Fawkes

Daily Telegraph pic below.

Annabelle Fuller

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Farage has a woman problem in general & in particular

I have opined before in this blog that women voters do not find Farage's booze, fags and lads image attractive. It is confidence bulding to have this confirmed in today's Independent.

I quote, "Survation, whose overall findings were very close to the actual result, found 36.8 per cent of men in Newark planned to support Ukip, compared with just 16.8 per cent of women."

"If women had backed the party in similar numbers, Mr Farage would today be celebrating his party’s first Westminster election victory."

Several women have made this same observation to me over the years that they don't like Farage and won't vote for him. Its impossible to win fptp elections when you have over half the voters are women and of those 80% or so will vote against you. 

This more than any other statistic shows UKIP needs a new leader if they are serious about getting us out of the EU. Diane James is the best person to lead UKIP. Farage, Nuttall, Helmer, Legge etc should be binned asap. The problem is that UKIP women don't like voting for other women in party slections but common sense dictates UKIP needs a woman leader. Julia Reid would make a good deputy for Mrs James.

The particular woman problem Farage has is  Annabelle Fuller. Click below to read the Miror story. 

Mrs Karen Farage has a lot to put up with but she seems a decent woman. Ms Fuller however has it in her power to bring Farage down. Right now with UKIP riding high the media red tops will pay much gold for her story. Everyone has their price and knocking people down is a UK tabloid speciality.  

When that happens Farage can only be saved by the support of other women. I am sure he will get that from his wife but that will simply not be enough to save him. He should jump before he is pushed and name Mrs James as his preferred successor as he did with Pearson. (That would also devalue Annabelle's tale with the tabloids.)  Mrs James, who has never been a member of any party except UKIP and  could rebrand UKIP as a proper political party and not just a home for old Tories like Helmer and Legge. UKIP has got to rid itself of its male image if it wants to move on and Diane James is the lady to do it.

PS Here is another link to an Express story re la Fuller:

I quote from the piece,

In a moving interview with, Ms Fuller, who was for years Mr Farage’s closest aide, spoke of her mental ill health and how working in politics drove her to “rock bottom”.

Ms Fuller's speciality seems to be  giving heart rending interviews about herself. That pitcher has been to the well at least once before.

PPS this is the effect La James has on men