Friday, 27 May 2016

More codswallop from Cameron in Japan

 Prime Minister David Cameron from 8000 miles away urged voters to "listen to our friends" on the impact of Brexit

What friends? They are all there to represent their own interests apart from Cameron who seems to represent everyone else's interest except the UK.. 

Another own goal from the team that brought you the Big Red Bus with the demostrably false £350 million claim emblazoned on the side.

Vote Leave are offering football fans £50m if they can correctly predict the outcome of every game in the upcoming European Championships

Who are these idiots running Vote Leave? Who picked them? They must be Tory Remain plants.

Photo published for Bone Hits Back at the Straw-Coetzee Lie Machine

Straw Jnr telling porkies to Sven Goran Erikson. Sven was having none of it.

Let us hope Chilcot shafts Straw Snr over Iraq.

Here is another liar

As Dan Hanaan says

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

I fear there will be a lot of shameless fools on 24 June.

I saw this girl on QT last night tellinjg it as it is for those at the botom of the food chain. The piece is from the Daily Mail website.

Woman in Brexit debate immigration row blames EU as she struggles for council house

Emily Wood, 28, from Poole, who lives with mother Valerie and father Roderick (together at home today), says they have even visited the council houses and told MailOnline: 'When we have gone round to see who has ended up in the property, it has usually been immigrants'. Miss Wood (bottom left) rowed with MPs and audience members on live TV but has stood by her comments, saying: 'I had to speak up for my generation'. Asma Butt (bottom right), from Aberdeen, was among her critics last night'. But today Miss Wood stood by her comments on TV last night and told MailOnline: 'I felt I had to speak up for my generation'.

Meeting real people with real problems is something the political elite hate and seek to avoid whenever possible.  Remember Mrs Duffy and G  Brown! Postie Johnson was on the panel last night. He seems to have gotten very grand since he left the sorting office and joined the elite. It must be sitting on A F Neil's red sofa that did it. Diane Abbott another champion of the poor  that went the same way after she sat on the Red beast..

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Left wing London hypocrits

There is an excellent piece on the spiked online blog castgating that prime hyopcrit Paul Mason former C4 ecnomics editor who was on QT last week, boy wonder Owen Jones and Zorba the Greek alias Varoufakis. Click below to read

Mason's position is he wants out of the EU but does not want to kick Csameron out and bring BoJo in. He is a democrat who supports democracy so long as the people eleclect someone he likes. So he wants the dodgy cabal of mid Europeans  heade by Juncker to run our country badly in preference to Brits BoJo, Liam Fox IDS, Dan Hannan etc who would run our country well but not as Mr Mason would like it run.

The hyopcrisy of the North London Labour elite is staggering. They despise democracy and the ordinary working person. I fact anyone who does not read their unreadable house journal the Grauniad.

Here is a quote from a Simon Jenkins pirce in the Guardian

The best thing that happened to medieval England was its defeat in the hundred years war and the end of English ambitions on the continent of Europe. The best thing to happen in the 16th century was Henry VIII’s rejection of the pan-European papacy. The wisest policy of his daughter, Elizabeth I, was an isolationism so rigid that she rejected one continental suitor after another. Britain fought off all attempts by France and Spain to restore European Catholicism, and accepted a Dutch and a German monarch strictly on the basis of British parliamentary sovereignty.
Cameron’s 18th-century predecessor was Robert Walpole, author of Walpole’s Peace. Its meticulous isolation from Europe’s conflicts brought Britain a golden age of enlightenment and industrial revolution. In 1734, Walpole could proudly tell the Queen: “Madam there are 50,000 men slain this year in Europe, and not one an Englishman.”
I echoed  this sentiment to Jane Ashdown yesterday evening when I told her I had counted over 1200 names on our school first world war memorial surely the ultimate reason not to be involved with the EU.

Here is the link to Simon Jenkins piece. Its worth a read.

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Traditional Labour Working Class

This was on Twitter yesterday with the caption,

There's a rumour going around that have lost touch with the traditional, British working-class.

I gather Farage is up North campaigning for Leave. He has a good instinct for where the votes to Leave are to be had. He also rightly characterised this referendum as the wealthy establishment against the ordinary people. I and many others have good reason to dislike NF but in this matter he is 100% correct. Again he is sayng what the establishment fears to say or as dear Oscar once said the luvvy that dares not speak its name.

John Redwood has  a ginormous brain. He was on R4 this morning on the subject of the latest piece of IFS propaganda.

Redwood is on 2 hours 22 minutes in and it illustrates where Farage scores over brains. Redwood rightly pointed out that the IFS got €7.4 million from the EU last year. Robinson then asked him, "So you think this influences their report?" Redwood waffled and procrastinated. All he had to say was there is an old saying he who pays the piper calls the tune or anything in that vein. But he could not bring himself to say this. In this matter he  is no different from the other old Tories. The campaign needs someone o put the boot in and only Farage seems prepared to do this. Cameron and Osborne are not holding back on the Remain side!

I went to a Vote Leave meeting last night. The big complaint was not just a complete lack of leadership but the leadership, Cummings. Elliott etc were uncontactable. The campaign management is a shambles and Lawson, Gove or who ever better kick ass as the Yanks say. The current management performance is woeful.

Cleary BoJo sees Vote Leave as a vehicle for his ambition to be PM and not as a campaign to secure a leave vote. The £365mn per week he alleges we give to the EU plastered on the side of his big red bus is a PR disaster. Itis manifestly untrue and provides such an easy and damaging target for the Remain campaign. What idiot was responsible for that?

I would have the bus resprayed and fess up to the mistake and give the true figure c £200 bn per week. We must be seen as a truthful campaign to differentiate us from WWIII corporal Jones Cameron.

Of the two  mugshots below who has done more damage to the UK?


The both look shifty and untrustworthy to me.

How about

I do llike the unexplained Fear in bagging area!

Monday, 23 May 2016

Steve Hilton shafts Cameron

Hilton, Cameron's Oxford friend, former spinmeister,godfther to his late sun wrote a brilliant article in the Daily Mail click below to read:

I copy the headlines below:

  • Says Britain is 'ungovernable' after being 'corruptly captured' by the EU
  • Believes EU will take revenge on Britain for vote and impose new diktats
  • Said their refusal to grant 'modest' demands shows no will for reform

  • and from the main text,

    "And in an attack on Project Fear, the former No 10 adviser dismisses claims by Mr Cameron, the IMF and the Bank of England that being in the EU makes us more secure.
    In an exclusive Daily Mail article, Mr Hilton – who persuaded Mr Cameron to stand for Tory leader – also delivers a devastating assessment of the PM’s referendum deal.
    He says Mr Cameron made only ‘modest’ demands of Brussels – and that even these were swatted contemptuously aside. He also warns that Brussels will take revenge on Britain for the referendum if it votes to stay, by imposing fresh diktats.
    Mr Hilton concludes: ‘A decision to leave the EU is not without risk. But I believe it is the ideal and idealistic choice for our times: taking back power from arrogant, unaccountable, hubristic elites and putting it where it belongs – in people’s hands.

    His declaration for Brexit with exactly a month to go until polling day will send tremors through No 10."

    Sarah Woolaston must resign from V ote Leave following her attack on the justified Vote Leave claim that the £10bn a year we send to Brussels could be spent on the NHS. I have been married to a consultant paediatrician for over 30 years. My wife reads things properly and fully but being an MP and chairing a select committee seems to have gone to La Woolaston's head.

    Nigel Lawson, the ablest chancellor in my lifetime is clearly appalled the way the Treasured has been politicised by Osborne and Cameron click below to read the full account.

    Cameron and Osborne look like two desperate con men who have been rumbled. They have decried our country in any way they could and imported foreigners to do it as well. Cameron is supposed to be our PM but behaves as Merkel's lap dog. If the country does slip into a recessionary spiral then Cameron and Osborne are the people who led us into that mess.

    Saturday, 21 May 2016

    Vote for freedom or die a slave

    Today I went with the Vote Leave Somerset group to Crewkerne to man a leaflet stall in the small shopping centre . The local Tory MPwith his wife and two very young children were there. We obviously were not doing terribly well with many punters avoiding us so I decided to take a leaf out of Prince Monolulu the late racing tipsters book and say something short that would grab the punters attention. Click link to read about him

    He used to stand at the entrance to the racecourse shouting,

    " I gotta horse, I gotta horse to beat the favourite"

    He grabbed the punters attention straight awayand sold them useless tips.

    I decided  to try and grab the shoppers attention and I hit on the short phrase,

    "Vote for Freedom"

    Strange to say it worked.  and I unloaded far more leaflets on the punters than the other volunteers  Mr Fysh our localTory MP was somewhat aghast but it damn well worked. So much better than saying, "Can I give you some information about the referendum" which people cannot relate to.

    There were a few awkward LibDems to whom I replied,

    "Then you and your children will die slaves"

    That seemed to work as well and they buggered off!

    I offer my services to Vote Leave for free. I cannot do worse than messrs Cumings and Elliot both Tories.

    For God's sake get the Labour women & men centre stage

    Gisela Stuart, Kate Hoey, Frank Field.

    They are quietly spoken and are liked by,the voters and will secure Labour votes. The Old Tory and UKIP vote is in the bag.

    Back them up with female Tories  Priti Patel and Thersa Villiers.

    Gove and Hanaan are the only two male Tories I would put on the platforn.

    Keep IDS, Grayimg and BoJo well way from the cameras and be prepared to disown Farage.

    If any of the VoteLeave hierarchy want me on board my email is

    I am free up to 23rd June.

    I quote from Burns battle anthem, Scots wha hae

    Wha will be a traitor knave? 
    Wha can fill a coward's grave! 
    Wha sae base as be a slave? 
             Let him turn and flee! 

    Friday, 20 May 2016

    Vote Leave makes too many errors to win the referendum

    Jack Kramer used to say the guy who wins tennis matches is the guy who makes the fewest mistakes. Its true in politics as well. There are errors of omission and errors of commission and Vote Leave has made plenty of both. Responsibility must lie with  Dominic Cummings and Matthew Elliot, campaign director and chief executive respectively. Both have big egos  but not big talent and I suspect don't like each other.

    They have omitted to use their women, partcularly the Labour women Gisela Stuart and Kate Hoey but also Priti Patel and Theresa Villiers. Suzanne Evans seems to be getting some TV time but I suspect this is of her own making and not due the C & E. The result is that the Vote Leave campaign has been dominated by largely unphotogenic grey old Tories and that has allowed Remain to portray it as an internal Tory score settling squabble that turns the great British public off big time. Little wonder then that the polls are moving against Vote Leave who quite simply are now losing the battle.

    The biggest error of commission has been over use and over exposure of Boris Johnson who looks stupid but is clever. Unfortunately the electorate particularly the younger end of the spectrum live in a looks dominated culture and are unable to appreciate Boris.

    Fact: over half the electorate are women so use ordinary looking clever women backed up by men women like and trust, Daniel Hanaan and Frank Field spring to mind.

    Fact: this referendum can only be won with Labour votes

    Keep IDS, Grayling in the background. Use Gove if you have to and rest BoJo. for a while. In short put the old Tories back in their box for a couple of weeks.

    I hate to say this but Farage may be the only guy who can pull their chesnuts out of the fire by connecting to the old Labour working class who are suffering big time and by tutning it into a people versus the political elite battle. As Lucy Beresford said on TV this morning ordinary people are sick to death of the rich powerful and the wealthy luvvies telling them how to vote. Make the luvvies counter productive.